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Robert Counts
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New and Noteworthy: Robert Counts

A biochemistry graduate walks into a bar and gets a publishing deal. It doesn’t sound like your typical country story, but Robert Counts was on a path to become an orthopedic surgeon when songwriting consumed his world. After graduating from Lee University with a degree in biochemistry, Counts was back […]

CMTT Exclusives / New & Noteworthy

New and Noteworthy: Kurt Stevens

Florida native Kurt Stevens has been playing music since he was just four years old, when his parents gave him a keyboard and he started classical piano lessons. Kurt has spent the last several years developing his sound and hitting the road, opening for Jake Owen, Dustin Lynch, The Band […]

Tera Lynne Fister
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Get to Know New & Noteworthy Artist Tera Lynne Fister and Watch the Premiere of Her Lyric Video for “Hell Raiser”

Pink hair. Tattoos. A sassy attitude to go with her edgy guitar licks and gritty power vocals. If you’ve ever listened to live music in Nashville, you may have seen this soul-bearing independent artist entertaining locals and tourists alike with her band, Lady and the Gents. Tera Lynne Fister catches […]

Sarah Ryder
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New and Noteworthy: Sarah Ryder

Sarah Ryder’s hometown of Lititz, Pennsylvania may be near Amish country, but the aspiring artist had bigger plans than her small town roots. She quickly headed to glitzy Las Vegas on a whim after high school and won a modeling competition, catching the ears of Los Angeles songwriters and producers […]

Kalsey Kulyk
CMTT Exclusives / New & Noteworthy

New and Noteworthy: Kalsey Kulyk

Get to know New & Noteworthy Artist Kalsey Kulyk: Kalsey Kulyk’s path to launching her music career has been filled with thrilling highs and heart-wrenching lows that most people never have to face… especially as a teenager. By the time she was 13 years old, Kulyk was playing guitar and […]

Ben Wells
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New and Noteworthy: Ben Wells

Born in Valdosta, Georgia, Ben Wells has always had an instinct for great storytelling and clever lyricism. He has crafted a tremendous ability to take everyday nuances mixed with his experiences as a South GA boy and relate them to audiences all across the board in a way that uniquely […]

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