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Get to Know New & Noteworthy Artist Tera Lynne Fister and Watch the Premiere of Her Lyric Video for “Hell Raiser”

Tera Lynne Fister

Pink hair. Tattoos. A sassy attitude to go with her edgy guitar licks and gritty power vocals. If you’ve ever listened to live music in Nashville, you may have seen this soul-bearing independent artist entertaining locals and tourists alike with her band, Lady and the Gents. Tera Lynne Fister catches the room on fire with a magic her mama used to call psychedelic honkytonk rock. With a family line of musical talent and exposure to a wide variety of genres since childhood, the St Louis native is now making her music her way in the heart of Music City.

Her self-titled debut album, set to release February 21, 2020, is what the songstress affectionately labels “28 years of Tera in a 7 song diary” and will feature the first of three singles dropping as early as November 15th. An all-star team includes co writers and producers Thom Donovan and Christopher Griffiths of the Will Hoge band, as well as five time Grammy award winner Ray Kennedy, who mastered the project. Always one to collaborate, Tera has also lent her talents as rhythm guitarist and background vocalist for Kelsey Hickman, opening for acts like Neal McCoy and Alabama. She can also be seen singing BGVs on tapings of “Real Country”, a singing competition that aired on the USA Network in 2018.

 “My deepest desire with this album is to let people know they are not alone. That it’s okay to feel what they’re feeling. That what they’re going through is not permanent. I hope they gather that love is incredible in every facet, and that music will never let you down. When you need a specific song or mood or saving grace, the right song will find you. And as far was hopes, I hope I get to do this until my very last breath.”

Eight years of honing her craft professionally in Nashville has reiterated the importance of growth, community, and perseverance for the self-proclaimed “searcher of art and lover of color”. Tera’s creative input and gifts of empathy and compassion are just the right combinations for communicating with audiences on all levels, creating a sense of nostalgia and oneness. 

To keep up with Tera Lynne, check out and follow her on IG (@teralynnemusic), Twitter (@tfister19) and Facebook at

Get to Know New & Noteworthy Artist Tera Lynne Fister:

Current Single/Project: “Hell Raiser” Off her self-titled debut album out  “Hell Raiser” 

Check out the Premiere of Tera Lynne’s Lyric Video for “Hell Raiser”

Musical Influences: My musical influences run the gamut. I grew up with my parents listening to a lot of 90’s country. In my teens my Uncle Peter got me my first Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline albums for Christmas, which was the catalyst for years of personal study of classic country. I became obsessed with the HighwayMen, especially Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard. At the same time I was also experimenting in punk music. Fall Out Boy could not release a song without me knowing all the words 15 minutes after the release. I crowd surfed at their concerts, stalked them on social media, bought any merch I could afford, etc. True Love. At this time in my life I was also surrounded by a sister blaring Aerosmith and a brother blaring show tunes. So I loved “Love in an Elevator” as much as I loved the soundtrack to “Rent.” Loving Fall Out Boy and Aerosmith eventually led me to Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters, which has since been a long standing loving relationship of head banging guitars and exhilarating drum tracks. As far as my music today, I think you can hear the simple brutal honest lyrics of an old school Merle Haggard song. On some of the tracks of my self-titled debut album coming out in February 2020 you can hear heavy guitars and drums that I think bring out my punk rock days. I cannot pass up a good head bang. Any space on the tracks, sonically speaking, I think is inspired by my love and appreciation for Kacey Musgraves and her art. There’s a few bridges that are definitely inspired by Steven Tyler. The songs are just a melting pot of everything that’s ever touched my soul.  

Personal Influences: My personal influences are majority from my family. What I have learned most through my parents is that life really does consist of mostly two things, working hard and loving hard. If you love what you’re doing, if it is what you are put on this earth to do, you will never cease in the effort to achieve your dreams full potential. With their love, support, and raising, I have never questioned doing music full time. It is more important to me how I make a living, not how much I make. I watched both of my parents in jobs that paid the bills and raised a family, not exactly their dream jobs. They got married at 18 and stuck together. I think with their experience of real life, they always encouraged us kids to do what makes us happy. Now surely, there is always the dose of reality when the car breaks down or insurance is being raised, but for the most part I feel they always pushed us to be ourselves and do what brings joy. Life is about how you spend your time and what you do with the time you have while you’re here. I will not be stuck in a cubical pushing papers, that is not who I am.

Why You Should Be Listening: You should be listening because the music is real. It is raw, honest, and fun. It is heartbreaking, loving, and loud. It is every human experience that makes one the person they are, and you can dance to it. 

Music Sounds Like:   I think the music sounds like ME. There is no category or box to put the album in. There are influences everywhere in this album, I’m sure with each passing lyric there is something new to hear. That is one of the main reasons I am so proud of this piece of art. It is truly itself. There are no stains. If you want comparisons of who I am or what I sound like, I’ve heard everything from a punk rock Loretta Lynn to if Joan Jett and Bonnie Rait had a baby. To each their own.

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