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New and Noteworthy: Sarah Ryder

Sarah Ryder

Sarah Ryder’s hometown of Lititz, Pennsylvania may be near Amish country, but the aspiring artist had bigger plans than her small town roots. She quickly headed to glitzy Las Vegas on a whim after high school and won a modeling competition, catching the ears of Los Angeles songwriters and producers during the talent portion of the competition. Through those LA connections, Sarah ended up in Nashville, where she is now a singer-songwriter signed to Busy at Play Publishing, owned by Johnny Garcia, who has been band director for country music icon Trisha Yearwood since 1991.

I’ve always known I love to perform, but I think timing is a big part of it. Like I looked back 10 years ago and I just wonder what I would’ve had to say. I’ve been through a lot now and I’m proud of where I’ve landed… I’m just a stronger woman now and I’m proud to have my voice saying what I want to say now. I think the catalyst is definitely timing and of course people taking interest in wanting to invest in me. I don’t know. It’s weird. All the things just sort of fell into place perfectly. Sure. God or the universe or, I don’t know. Things have really fallen into place. It’s awesome.

Current Single:​ ​“Another Fool”

I wrote this song with other married people. I’m married and I wrote it with Marc Copely and Johnny Garcia who are both married too. I don’t know how he got on the topic about the grass possibly being greener on the other side, but we all know that it’s not, no matter who you end up with… there’s going to be problems no matter what, because nobody’s perfect. Johnny Garcia was playing a show years back and was in the hallway backstage and overheard Loretta Lynn having a conversation with somebody. Somebody must’ve said something derogatory about her husband like, “Don’t you ever wish you could go with somebody else?” but she made a comment, “Well why would I leave my fool for a fool I don’t even know?” I never forgot that. So fast forward 20 years and sitting in the writing session, he was like, “Well this has been with me for a hundred years, so why don’t we write it?” So, we did.

  • Musical Influences: Trisha Yearwood​, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Faith Hill, Martina McBride
  • Why You Should Be Listening:​ ​Ladies, this one is for you! A lot of sass and soul brings this song to life. And we all know that as much as our men can be annoying… we wouldn’t want another fool!
  • Music Sounds Like:​ ​Tanya Tucker, Gretchen Wilson

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