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Willie Nelson Launches New Hemp-Derived CBD Products, Willie’s Remedy


Music legend, and longtime marijuana activist, Willie Nelson is expanding his growing cannabis empire.

This month, Nelson announced Willie’s Remedy, a brand of hemp-derived cannabis products, at Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. The new brand joins Willie’s Reserve as the latest offering from company GCH, Inc.

The Willie’s Remedy product line debuts with a CBD-infused coffee, set to launch in Colorado in September 2018. The whole bean, small batch brew is infused with full spectrum CBD oil derived from American sourced and organically grown hemp. Each 8-ounce cup of coffee features 5 mg of CBD.

“It’s two of my favorites, together in the perfect combination,” says Nelson. “Like coffee, cannabis is a plant that works for me.” The Willie’s Remedy brand will continue his effort to make beneficial plant products more accessible and better understood as supplements to a life well lived.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. CBD is non-intoxicating, yet offers some of the beneficial effects associated with cannabis. All Willie’s Remedy products will be free of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the compound in cannabis responsible for the euphoric high. Additional hemp and CBD products will be announced later this year.

“Hemp production was suppressed in America because hemp was competitive to too many industries. The country probably missed some opportunity during hemp prohibition,” says Nelson. “But another way to look at it is that hemp is the answer to huge range of challenges we’re facing right now. Allowing commercial hemp farming will create jobs for the farmers.”

Willie’s Remedy will rely on hemp grown in the US, reflecting Nelson’s commitment to contributing to the growth of a domestic industrial hemp economy that positively impacts the environment, American family farmers, and local economies. To further these efforts, GCH Inc. has joined with New Belgium Brewing and Vote Hemp to launch the American Hemp Campaign, aimed at promoting the benefits of commercial hemp production.

In April, Nelson launched Willie’s Reserve cannabis brand in California with Flow Kana, the premier sustainable sun grown cannabis provider that embraces the small farmer ecosystem. This line, which was previously available in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Nevada, includes Willie’s Reserve Legendary Stash of packaged flower and signature pre-rolled joints featuring a boutique strain – hand-selected and tested by Nelson, and cultivated on independent farms in small batches, using only organic inputs. Select retailers also carry Willie’s Reserve’s line of Annie’s Infused Edibles featuring artisan chocolates and lozenges.


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  1. I ordered day and night oil from Willie and reba I only received the night time

    • I ordered the day only but they sent and charged me for both but only 4.95 each so I let it go. Hoever three weeks later they have charged my card 49.95

      • Diana Carter says:

        Just ordered the trial size: CANCEL my order! Was charged double & said I’m obligated to pay $96.!! CANCEL my order!! Not interested!!!

  2. How can I get some for chronic pain and anxiety. I have little money. I hope it’s not expensive.

  3. I go to pain management once a month and get urinalysis, since Web it is pot related does it show in urine? If it don’t I want some, I am also a 2 time breastfeeding cancer survivor and when breastfeeding was removed I have nerve damage, it feels like I am being electrocuted from the inside out, would your product work for thst? I cannot take any hormonea with the type if cancer I have and it took my womanhood, I get day and night sweat that keeps me up most nights, I am literally exhausted. I need help finding something thathat could help me. Maybe this coukd?

    • Hi Terri – you would more than likely need the thc free CBD oil in order to pass the DT. PM me for more information. I admire you for being a cancer warrior!

  4. Not breasrfeeding, breastfeeding cancer, sorry

  5. I ordered your CBD oil and never received an invoice. I would love to be able to cancel my order. My husband has tried it with no result. I was hoping to get him some relief in his back. I don’t know how to get my order. cancelled.


  7. Juanita Perkins says:

    Please contact me at sunniebean@gmail.com. I ordered your cbd oil and thought it was a free trial and got charges again for it and didn’t know I was going to be charged each month. No money in bank to cover it. I also didnt receive any more than the 1. So I’m not understanding. Or call me at 3184008304. Did nothing for the pain. Dont know if I just ordered the wrong kind or not. Finiahed whole bottle.

  8. Juanita Perkins says:

    Please cancel my subscription. Didnt know it was a monthly deal.

  9. Kathy J Mccurdy says:

    I prayed this would help with my Fibromyalgia!!! However no results, please cancel all further shipments. 🎋😭

  10. I order a free sample of The Health Naturals CBD tincture with the understanding that I pay for the shipping and done. I’ve not paid for 2 shipping fees though I received another bottle this month. I found nothing on the FREE sample page about a monthly shipment or any cancellation information. As of right now I’m still looking for something that can allow me to see this info. Not even so much as a invoice in the envelope. Confused and would appreciate some information. Thank you and hope to get a response…

    • Hey There Rhea, it is hard to order a “sample” for CBD oil because everyone is different in how much relief they get. Some people like my mom noticed right away, whereas others, like myself, took a few weeks. I would make sure whatever you order, it’s “full spectrum” which means “whole plant” and minimum 500mg per bottle. feel free to pm me for more info.

  11. Please cancel mine as well. Thanks

  12. Cancel immediately please this was not my understanding and this was order for me on my brothers account and we both looked over and over the terms and agreements and there was nothing about two bottles or being charged after fifteen days. There is nowhere to cancel order either. I did not find it to help me as I was extremely hopeful it would. Please cancel and refund my brother his 89 dollars that wasn’t indicated would be charged. If this were indicated we would have cancelled asap.

  13. raymond delgado sr says:

    after reading these comments i request that you cancel my subscription, some of the comments do not sound good at all. thanks anyway

  14. dolly shiloh says:

    WoW I was very interested in trying your product until I read all the comments below it sounds like a nightmare to deal with and I hurt to bad to deal with all this malarkey. I hope you get the quirks out of your ordering system soon.

  15. Marilyn Casto says:

    My invoice said I ordered weight loss oil 2 free orders I want these free orders cancelled as weight loss is not interesting to me so please cancel.

  16. Mechell Hensley says:

    My mom ordered this and the ended up sending her 2 orders when she only ordered 1 and they charged her credit card 90.00 and another charge of 92.00.

  17. Janice M Messinger says:

    Please call me. I have received this product but have a serious problem and need to cancel. I can no longer find any of the information for cancelling on line. Call me 5153215078 515 321 5078

  18. Cancel my order as well. Thank you.

  19. Michele Ball says:

    I request that you cancel my subscription. I am retired and have limited income. I have no money for this. Please cancel me.

  20. Gloria Moore says:

    I am very disappointed to see these comments because I ordered to try for my husband who has Parkinsons. He doesn’t sleep more than an hour or 2 once or twice a night.

    The first time he used the cream he slept 6 hrs!

    Then he did the oil under the tongue in the am as well as the cream that night and he slept longer!

    He has used it 4 nights and slept better and better. This is miraculous because he had given up.

    So how to order and not experience what these other people have?

    Also I have called twice and spent ten minutes on the phone oops,
    Just barely the call was answered and I was told that it states in the terms and conditions that the order will be automatically charged on the 30 days for the next bottle.

    I would suggest to those who wish to cancel you change your checking account. The person I talked to was in Asia and I don’t feel comfortable with my information to be out there …

    We could get a capital one card with a low limit and then it would feel safer…
    God speed, more effective than good luck!

  21. I tried it with no relief and my credit card was charged $97.00 please cancel mine.
    Mrs.Billie Baird

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