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New & Noteworthy: Ross Cooper

Ross Cooper is the rare country musician who has actually lived the life of a cowboy. The former professional bareback rider was still bustin’ broncs when his music career began. Though a knee injury sidelined his rodeo career, Cooper drives a band like he’s still wearing spurs and holding on […]

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NEW & NOTEWORTHY: Jericho Woods

Kentucky has always been known for Bluegrass & Bourbon, but the roots of Jericho Woods run far deeper into the veins of the musical culture of this region.   Jericho Woods fuses the Grand Ole Opry with Muscle Shoals. A musical experience that only boys brought up in this diverse commonwealth […]

Artists / CMTT Exclusives / New & Noteworthy


His dramatic southern sound will draw you in, his voice will have you hanging on every lyric and his songs will stick with you like a good friend does. Boo Ray is a southern troubadour who has forged & honed his sound in South Georgia honky-tonks, Gulf Coast jukes, Nashville nightclubs & Los Angeles songwriter joints. Hailing from the mountains of […]

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NEW & NOTEWORTHY: Muscadine Bloodline

Natives of Mobile, Alabama, Gary Stanton and Charlie Muncaster came together to form Muscadine Bloodline in early 2016.  With three single releases under their belt and a schedule full of shows spanning from coast to coast, they’ve hit the ground running since their first day as a duo. Their music […]

Artists / New & Noteworthy

NEW & NOTEWORTHY: Brieanna James

CMTT is excited to announce our New & Noteworthy feature is BACK and better than ever! We are even more excited to announce Brieanna James will be kicking it off for us! Brieanna was born in Nashville, grew up in Mississippi, where she loved writing stories. Eventually, she started putting […]

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