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New and Noteworthy: Kurt Stevens

Florida native Kurt Stevens has been playing music since he was just four years old, when his parents gave him a keyboard and he started classical piano lessons. Kurt has spent the last several years developing his sound and hitting the road, opening for Jake Owen, Dustin Lynch, The Band Perry and more.

I played in all sorts of competitions and recitals and played piano for two or three hours everyday until I was about 17. Once I got to high school, I started to teach myself to play guitar and began singing a bit, something I had always done but not quite to that extent. I played in a few high school talent shows as my interest started to move away from classical piano and into singing pop and country music. After I graduated, I started college at FSU and took a job playing happy hours at Potbelly’s. A year or so into playing solo, I started a band my sophomore year and began playing all over Tallahassee, my hometown of Vero Beach and the rest of the state of Florida. Once I graduated from FSU, I moved to Nashville, and the rest is history.

In addition to his musical pursuits, Kurt is passionate about the ocean and has partnered with 4Ocean to help keep the coastline and ocean beautiful.

I grew up fishing and surfing in Boca Raton, and love every second of it. 4Ocean was founded in Boca Raton and, like myself, they are passionate about keeping our coastline and our oceans beautiful. The plastic pollution problem is a global crisis and 4Ocean is tackling it head-on. I’ve been a big fan since the beginning of 4Ocean and I’m stoked to be able to help raise awareness and clean up our oceans and coastlines one pound at a time.

  • Current single: “Once in a Blue Moon”

“Once in a Blue Moon” is really about overcoming a feeling of vulnerability, having that instant connection with someone you just met for the first time, and having that feeling you might only feel once in your whole life. It’s a song about love at first sight, taking place between a couple barstools. 

  • Musical Influences:  The Eagles, Elvis, Elton John, Johnny Cash, Kenny Chesney, Jack Johnson, and Eric Church
  • Why You Should Be Listening:​ ​Kurt’s music has a laid-back, breezy vibe that instantly transports you to a vacation state of mind.
  • Music Sounds Like:​ ​Chris Lane, Jake Owen

Get social with Kurt online:

The best way to get in touch with me is a simple DM on Instagram – I’m always on there!

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