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LISTEN: Trent Harmon Is Back With A Stirring New Single

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Trent Harmon brought down the house yesterday during the Big Machine Luncheon at CRS 2018.  If a room full of radio programmers and most certainly one of the toughest rooms to impress he had the entire room on their feet with tears in their eyes and goosebumps on their skin.  The moving performance was perfection from start to finish.   See CMTT’s photos from the luncheon HERE.

Known for his impeccable yet raw vocals, Trent Harmon today released his stirring new single “You Got ‘Em All” (Big Machine Records). Available now at digital retailers, Variety enthused it “features the unique vocal stylings that made Harmon a standout…” GET IT HERE

Earning the top prize as the last American Idol, Trent has spent the past year honing his sound and discovering his songwriting prowess with some of the most coveted tunesmiths in Nashville and Los Angeles. Inspired by the relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Trent crafted “You Got ‘Em All” alongside Justin Ebach (SESAC’s Songwriter of the Year) and Jordan Minton with Jimmy Robbins and Scott Borchetta at the helm producing. He performed the impassioned song yesterday at the Big Machine Label Group Luncheon during Country Radio Seminar, where he received a standing ovation – the second consecutive year he warranted such a response to his captivating live show. He belted out the touching lyrics such as: “Cause I’m still waitin’ on life to begin again / Still waitin’ on love to give a second chance / To stop me and steal my breath the way you did / I’m still lookin’ for your Jeep in every parking lot/ Still taste your lips with every whiskey shot / I hope you found whatever I ain’t found yet / ‘Cause I feel like all my better days are gone / And I think you got ‘em all.”

“This past year has been tough,” stated Trent. “I have had a few highs and many lows. The reaction to this song has made it all worth it, and I am so excited to get out there and share it with fans.”

His trajectory is on the mark to surpass the success of Trent’s first single, the Top 20 “There’s A Girl.” He hits the road this month to share more new music with radio before “You Got ‘Em All” officially rocks Country airwaves beginning March 19. For more information, visit

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  1. Love this new single of Trent Harmon’s #YouGotEmAll and he has mad vocals! This song pulls on the heart strings for sure❣️ His album is gonna hit the charts with great ratings! He is so talented! He is awesome!

  2. This is true talent. Trents voice is impeccable. Everything about it it magnificent, from the lyrics to the melody, to the vocals. Chills for days it’s so Incredibly touching.

  3. Kelsey Dobbins says:

    I completely agree! This song is MAGIC!! Can’t wait to hear it on my local stations!

  4. karin verwoerd says:

    This truly is an incredible song and vocal by Trent! So beautiful! I am so looking forward to Trent’s album!

  5. Trent’s voice is so unique and so special and this song showcases it to perfection! Ive had it playing continuously since it hit ITunes and I just can’t get enough…love it❤️

  6. Regina Ross says:

    All I can say is WOW! This song is so real! And Trent makes you feel the the words with his voice! Unforgettable!

  7. brenda davidson says:

    My favorite song — so beautiful! Trent Harmon’s voice is truly amazing.

  8. Renee Laidlaw says:

    Wow, this song is beautifully written & Trent’s impassioned vocals just leave me hanging on till the last note of the story! Gotta listen again!!

  9. This song is simply amazing! Can’t stop listening to it-something about that boys voice…

  10. Trent Harmon is a superstar 💯!!!! Love it Love it Love it!!!!

  11. Trent’s incredible voice combined with the heart-felt lyrics make this song a must have!! Watch and listen for him in 2018- he is about to take the music world by storm!!

  12. The only thing better than Trent Harmon’s voice is his work ethic. He is a great guy, with a tremendous talent. Love this song so much and so happy to see all the great reviews. Have had this song on repeat all day!!

  13. Rebecca Anagnoson says:

    Love YOU GOT EM ALL! Love Trent he is so talented! Never tire of him or his music! Such a wonderful young man!! <3

  14. Trent is so talented and isn’t afraid to work hard to make his dreams come true. I love this song!!! Can’t wait to hear all his other songs when his album comes out!!!

  15. Love this song. Truly a number one award winning song. Trent Harmon is so derserving of the success he’s going to see with this song

  16. Love this song and his songwriting skills…..Hopefully, this will be his year.

  17. Words cannot express how I feel about Trent’s vocals. He’s an absolutely amazing person with even more amazing vocals. This song is one of the best songs ever written!!!

  18. Elizabeth Upton says:

    This song will climb quickly and Trent will be a star! He is wonderful to his fans and a true southern gentleman! Thank you for letting people know how special this new song is.

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