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“Pickler & Ben” Debuts To Milestone Ratings

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“Pickler & Ben,” daytime television’s newest “go-to” destination for the best in lifestyle and entertainment, launched nationally yesterday to impressive ratings. In Nashville, the first of its kind show provided a 42 percent ratings increase compared to the time slot’s former show, earning the #1 rating in the Nashville market and a higher rating than the second and third ranked stations in the time slot, combined. Preliminary ratings show “Pickler & Ben” had a 6.8 household rating, with “Live with Kelly and Ryan” bringing in a 3.6 rating and “The Today Show” showing a 2.8 rating. Additionally, “Pickler & Ben” was also the market’s highest-rated talk show (local, syndicated, or national).

Hosted by music star Kellie Pickler and Emmy-winning television personality Ben Aaron, the highly anticipated talk show airs in 38 local television markets across the country and nationally on CMT. The show features Kellie and Ben hosting segments with top celebrities, tastemakers and experts on everything from entertaining and home design to cooking, DIY and more. The is recorded in front of a live audience at a studio in one of America’s hottest cities – Nashville – on an expansive, modern farmhouse-style set.

“Pickler & Ben’s” live studio audience includes a mix of Nashville locals and out-of-towners seeking the best in entertainment. Nashville is one of the country’s fastest-growing cities, with nearly 100 people each day moving to the city made famous by country music, all-American food, Southern charm and world-class hospitality. Visit to request tickets to the show.

“Pickler & Ben” is produced by Grammy Award-winning superstar Faith Hill; co-founder of Happy Street Entertainment, Lisa Erspamer; and president and CEO of Sandbox Entertainment Jason Owen; in partnership with The E.W. Scripps Company (NYSE: SSP). Award-winning director, Joe Terry (“The Oprah Winfrey Show”) directs “Pickler & Ben.” Disney/ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution is distributing the show in national syndication.

To view clips of the show’s premiere episode, including a surprise by legendary icon Dolly Parton, a recipe by Oh Gussie author, Little Big Town’s Kimberly Schlapman, and an amazing surprise living room make over for a deserving audience member, follow “Pickler & Ben” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. Love the show! Kellie is such a people person. So down to earth! Glad they don’t go into news and politics!

  2. Watching in Detroit market.
    love the show.

  3. Love Kellie and the show……not Ben so much.

  4. I love, love, love Kellie Pickler. I’m getting used to Ben. Had never heard of him. He is definitely quirkly. They really have talk-show chemistry. They do compliment one another in a really good way. However, the show where Kellie was exposed to the large spider was too much. I, am also afraid of spiders, so I was right there with her & it did not endear Ben to me at all. The things he does to enhance his so-called flaws, are really funnY, though.
    I hope they are on for a very long time. It sure beats the, all-talk-at-once, show, where women try to dominate one another. Can’t stand that. It is just high pitched noise. ANY SHOW THAT KELLIE IS ON, IS AWESOME. My husband & I really love the show ‘ILOVE KELLIE PICKLER.’ Her husband is totally funny. Really wish it was on every wk. I keep my recorder set since I never know when it’S going to be on. Kellie is going to be one of the big names in entertainment. So many people we know just adore her. She has the voice of an angel. Love hearing her sing. Keep her busy! WAKE UP AMERICA!

  5. Elaine leggett says:

    I love the show Ben is awsome they truly compliment each other. Kelly needs Ben

  6. I have been a fan of Kellie from her audition for American Idol and am so happy for her Ben is nice and a good speaker but not crazy about his sissy behavior .I wonder if anyone has noticed similarity’s between Kellie and Lucy if they ever make a movie about Lucy she would be perfect

  7. Linda Faubert says:

    Hey ya’ll,
    I would LOVE to get tickets to the Pickler & Ben Show.
    Can you direct me to the information prompt.
    Thanks in advance

  8. Hayley Smith says:

    I love the show!! I never write reviews but I get up to watch them at 9am mi time. I get to bed at 4am bc I’m on 3rd shift (thats how much I like the show) 🙂

  9. Hayley Smith says:

    Btw way I would love tickets too 😉

  10. Paul McDade says:

    Okay…we all have likes & dislikes, but this is my “opinion”!

    OMG….Really, this is all ABC has to offer for a noon TV show.

    Ben comes across as such a dork & idiot, where it seems he is clueless and can’t do anything.
    His comments are so scripted, he make me run for the remote to change the channel, until “The Chew” comes on, which is fantastic..

    The show is like a take on Dumb & Dumber, but is real.

    I can understand that “RightThisMinute” was moved to be on the same time as Ellen, because it was a great noontime show, leading into “The Chew”, but you stick in this pathetic show.

  11. This show is terrible. Nothing feels natural… All the laughs are forced, interviews are boring… I don’t understand why ABC didn’t pick people with actual personalities… Ben is like an immature teen that has no idea what he’s doing… Her voice is annoying, they should be doing a children’s show, or no show at all. Absolutely boring and annoying show. Get it Off The Air!

  12. Ben is awkward – no personality – SEEMS LIKE A BIG DORK – this guy is a backroom engineer – has no people skills – How did this guy get a TV show – Really. I love Kellie but Ben – what the ?

  13. Ben has got to go if you want the show to go on. Kellie Picker is the BOMB!!! Lose Ben and get another cohost like Kellie and the show will be number 1

  14. LOVE THE SHOW!!!! KELLI PICKLER IS ADORABLE. Ben is so misplaced as her side kick. He is so bland, dorky, out of it. Kelli Pickler makes the show. HOpe they replace BEN!!!!

  15. I can’t beleive I finally found a good entertaining talk show that doesn’t contain politics or hurting people just because you don’t agree! This show is a breath of fresh air and now you are taken is off the air?.? Come on! I didn’t even know this show existed until a couple of weeks ago! We need more of this not less! I admit the timing could be a disadvantage, most of us are getting ready for our day. I watch this as I pick up around the house and smile as I get my day started. I am a new buff, use to keep it on the news all day, had to take a break too much! Please reconsider????? Kellie & Ben you are Awesome!

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