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Dolly Parton Gets Backlash from Fans Over Emmy Performance

Dolly Parton reunited with her ‘9 to 5’ costars on last night’s Emmy Awards.  Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin proceeded to spend their time on an anti-trump tirade while Dolly stuck to her true colors, making light-hearted fun of herself.

However, not all fans are forgiving Dolly for her mere presence on stage with the trio.

What do you think?

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  1. Daniel Drown says:

    Poor Dolly with friends like these……. it’s clear she was made uncomfortable and was not in on what transpired. I voted for Trump but I think in this case we need to cut Dolly some slack..

    • Pdiddly Diddly says:

      you don’t think this was all scripted? She KNEW what was going to happen. I liked Dolly a lot but no longer. She can joint the ‘elite’ bs of hollywood/dollywood and whither away to nothing knowing she had a chance and blew it. Goodbye Dolly.

      • Sadly you are right. She had to know what was going to be said. Hanoi Jane should not be allowed to be in public spewing her hate…Lock her up!

  2. Dolly, I never expected you to allow yourself to get caught up in trash like this. You have always shown class and an all around good person. You don’t have to like Trump, but I thought you were a better person than this. I expected this behavior from the other two, but not you.

  3. I wonder if Dolly was forced to be sandwiched between these two sadists? you pay a dear price for being involved with the illuminati – they created you, so when they call on you (age be damned) saying “no” isn’t an option, I want her to “admit” she had no choice in being on stage!

  4. She should have turned around and walked off the stage during Commie Tomlins diatribe against our President. But She didn’t.! To stand there with traitorous Hanoi Jane Fonda . Millions of Vietnam Vets hate her guts. I was very disappointed in Dolly and thought that she had more grit .

  5. LOL! They NEVER mentioned Trump. They never said President of the United States. If Trump supporters are that certain that that’s who they were talking about, they need to reflect on their life choices, because that means that THEY willingly put “a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot” in the White House.

    • Maybe they were talking about Alec Baldwin or Anthony Weener or Bill Clinton. Of course they were directing it to President Trump. I know your adorable candidate Hillary did not win but it is time for the haters to get a life and let Trump be President.

      • True John Doll but remember these are the same people who voted twice for an unvetted, undocumented Illegal Moslem Usurper Fraud & his Daddy Mama Tranny. This is who they are. They thought it was just fine this dangerous foreign Kenyan/half Saudi was ripping the USA apart daily. This is the Zombie apocolypse of Morons who cling to Illegal Fraud Obama & Hillary. Heck they even thought it was just rosy for Hildabeast to steal the nomination from old Bernie. This is the depth of depravity of this bunch. they are so far gone they can not be helped.

  6. I don’t watch or support anything connected to Hollywood. With that said it is common knowledge Hanoi Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin are Communist Red Diaper America Haters; therefore Dolly does not get a pass for deciding to join them on stage. She knew exactly what would happen with this Trump bashing room of degenerates. When Illegal, unvetted POS Moslem O was faking it as Prez for 8 yrs these 2 Commies were silent because after all, thats their boy. Evil loves evil. So not its not just about Trump bashing. My disdain for Hanoi Jane Fonda goes back to her dining with the Viet Cong while they were torturing and killing our young men. Fonda stated 2 yrs ago that she was still proud of it and would do it again. Lily Tomlin also spews this constant Commie America hatred so this was going on long before Trump was even a thought. Bye Dolly. I guess now Dollywood is Deadwood, at least with former fans. As for those calling Trump names I guess you just adore the Illegal “Bath House Barry” & his Daddy Mama Tranny, not to mention Bill Clinton the rapist and murderer.

  7. I was looking forward to a trip to Dollywood, but now Ive changed my mind. Dolly should have known better. I always thought she was such a classy lady but now she has shown her coat of many colors. Anybody want a bunch of Dolly Parton records?

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