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New and Noteworthy: Kalsey Kulyk

Kalsey Kulyk

Get to know New & Noteworthy Artist Kalsey Kulyk:

Kalsey Kulyk’s path to launching her music career has been filled with thrilling highs and heart-wrenching lows that most people never have to face… especially as a teenager. By the time she was 13 years old, Kulyk was playing guitar and winning competitions. But then, her world changed.

During high school, Kulyk was diagnosed Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and endured six months of chemotherapy.

I lost all my hair, but got a lot of song inspiration, because there were a lot of people I got to meet during chemo. I’d run home and write about their incredible stories. I had to get it all out, and I wanted to give that voice to people.

And if that journey wasn’t difficult enough, she also had to navigate the pain of her parents’ divorce.

After my parents’ divorce, my dad would listen to ‘Nobody Knows It But Me,’ by Kevin Sharp, over and over again. I knew exactly what he was feeling without him telling me what he was feeling. That’s when I knew what music could do for people. That’s what I want to do for people.

Those emotional roadblocks ended up fueling her determination to pursue her passion for music. She worked with Fleetwood Mac producer, Richard Dashut, and made trips to Nashville for meetings and to write.

All of her work did not go unnoticed. The Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan native was invited to participate in both the Canadian Country Music Association’s Discovery Artist program, as well as ole’s “On the Spot” competition. She won both. Winning the ole contest came with both publishing and record deals, and Kulyk found herself back in Nashville to launch her career.

You can now hear the culmination of her hard work in her self-titled debut album.

Track listing

  1. Roll With It
  2. Love Somebody
  3. Damn You Love
  4. Bad Liar
  5. Not All Angels Can Fly
  6. Low Times in High Heels
  7. More Time

I’m really excited about the music that I have now. I feel it really encompasses everything about me and who I am, and what I want to give to my audience.

  • Current Single/Project:​ ​“Bad Liar”

“Bad Liar” is all about having fun. Sometimes we let certain situations get the better of us when, really, we don’t need to. Heartbreak? Everyone’s gone through it. It’s all about learning to roll with the punches and not let any of it get the better of you. Don’t take life too seriously and learn to laugh at yourself and the tough times.

  • Musical Influences: Lee Ann Womack, John Prine, Dolly Parton, Shania Twain, Emmylou Harris, Jason Isbell​ ​
  • Why You Should Be Listening:​ ​Kulyk’s debut album feels like you’re sitting around a living room with your closest girlfriends, pouring out your hearts while you’re passing around the wine. There’s a comfort and familiarity to the Kulyk’s stories that make you feel like you’re part of her inner circle.
  • Music Sounds Like:​ ​Maddie & Tae and RaeLynn

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