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New and Noteworthy: Maddison Krebs

A dream can be a wish your heart makes, but for Maddison Krebs, it was a plan that she put into action. Inside a dream book she received from her parents when she was 7 years old, she documented every professional goal… and then she made them happen. The young girl from southern Alberta, Canada went on to sign a publishing and record deal in 2016 and she now lives in Nashville, surrounding herself with some of the industry’s top producers and songwriters.

Current Single: “Real Real Thing”

Musical Influences

I admire many artists! Everyone from LP to Alison Krauss, Harry Styles to Dolly Parton. I pull inspiration from everywhere. I love these artists for more than just their music, but also for who they are as people. My producer, Jeff Trott, is also a huge inspiration. I’ve gotten to work with him over the last couple years and have made music that I’m super proud of and can’t wait to release.

Personal Influences

I’ve learned from so many amazing people throughout my journey that have helped me get to where I am today. My family has been a big part of my story and has supported me with unconditional love. My Great Grandma and I bonded a lot during my childhood and she introduced me to the classics and made me appreciate where different genres got their start.
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