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Chris Bandi Announces Self-Titled Debut EP

Chris Bandi
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Breakthrough singer/songwriter and RECORDS artist Chris Bandi announced today that his self-titled debut EP will be releasing on May 29.  As revealed during a live stream with Sounds Like Nashville, the seven-song collection includes his “introspective” (The Boot) mega-hit, “Man Enough Now,” which has racked up over 80 million global streams and counting. The highly anticipated EP highlights how the singer “balances vocal ability with the sensitivity he pours into his music,” (Sounds Like Nashville) and his songwriting skills, with Bandi penning four of the seven tracks. Fans can pre-order or pre-save the EP now at

“I am so excited to let everyone know about my debut EP,” says Bandi.  “We’ve worked really hard to write and find some great songs and I am extremely proud of how everything came out.  It’s been a long time coming and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

Chris Bandi EP Track List
1. “Dirt On Me” (Matt Jenkins, Michael Hardy, and Smith Anhquist)
2. “Leave It To A Song” (Zach Kale, Matt Rogers, and Jordan Fletcher)
3. “Would Have Loved Her” (Chris Bandi and Zach Kale)
4. “Free” (Allison Veltz Cruz, Zach Kale, and Connie Harrington)
5. “They Make Whiskey” (Chris Bandi, Billy Montana, and Dave Turnbull)
6. “What If We Don’t” (Chris Bandi, Jason Massey and Kylie Sackley)
7. “Man Enough Now” (Chris Bandi, Jason Allen Duke and Jason Massey)

Named an “Artist To Watch” by Entertainment Weekly, The Boot, Sounds Like Nashville, NY Country Swag, and Country Music Tattle Tale and with over 80 Million global audio and video streams on his evocative hit “Man Enough Now,” Chris Bandi is poised for his breakthrough in country music.  The St. Louis, Missouri native has been writing songs since high school. He began making the trek to Nashville during his college days at Ole Miss, honing his craft playing small clubs and making the big move to Music City after graduation.  Nashville took notice of his passion for storytelling and multi-genre tinged vocals, evidenced by a publishing deal with BMG and a RECORDS label deal, a joint venture label between Barry Weiss and Sony Music Entertainment, in late 2019.  He is managed by Wide Open Music. Bandi made his Grand Ole Opry debut earlier this year, joined American Idol Season 17 winner Laine Hardy on tour last fall, and will resume dates with country breakout Matt Stell later this year following the release of his self-titled debut EP on May 29. Check for information and follow him on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

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One Comment

  1. I just turned 80 and have written things since 1962. I recently wrote a song titled Silver Tears and
    … in my mind, to honor a daughter and elderly friend and others that died of cancer. It does noy mention that disease in the wording. I sent it to Clint Black and never heard a word back. It has great lyrics and would make, I believe …. a country hit. Love to talk to Chris if he has time to share an email. Thanks. Vickey Stamps. Feel free to google me for older info .

    Thank you. I am handicapped, lung wise with 34% lung capacity from COPD. Trying to stay busy learning to play easy chords on a guitar. I also do simple drawing in pen and watercolors. Good luck in your career.

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