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Delta Rae Rolls Out New Tunes as the Seasons Turn

Following their anthemic “Hands Dirty,” six-piece band DELTA RAEcontinues to do just that with a stacked release schedule this Spring. They will launch seven new songs across all digital platforms via The Valory Music Co. beginning today with “Heart Won’t Break.”  “’Heart Won’t Break’ is about claiming your grief, your anger, […]

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10 Quick Quirky Halloween Questions with Delta Rae’s Brittany Holljes

Delta Rae raises their voices with an empowering new anthem that calls for persistent resisters to get their “Hands Dirty” and vote for equality. Released October 19 on The Valory Music Co., the unflinching lyrics were a culmination of gender biases and resurfaced wounds in the #MeToo movement era. Opening up about her own personal experience lead vocalist […]

Delta Rae

Delta Rae Empowers Fans to Get Their “Hands Dirty”

Delta Rae has never shied away from speaking their minds, especially on tough subjects. Holljes siblings Brittany, Ian and Eric were raised to educate themselves on issues affecting their community, watching their feminist mother call for change in spite of public berating. The lead-by-example message stuck with them and bandmates Liz Hopkins, […]

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The Delta Rae Revival Congregates Tonight at The Basement

Delta Rae kicks off their much-anticipated,16-week residency at The Basement tonight in Nashville (1604 8th Ave S.) with Carrie Welling and Liz Longley taking the stage at 8:00P. As promised, they have been teasing a special guest for the evening who will make the lucky fans in the intimate crowd “Surrender.” Tickets for the show sold out […]

Delta Rae

The Delta Rae Revival is Coming

Delta Rae embodies both the light and dark of Southern storytelling with their music … Dynamic interludes. Hushed tones. Bombastic drums. Angelic serenades. Primal vocals. Honing the eclectic style in front of an increasing congregation at headlining shows and coveted festival slots over the last decade, the band brings their 16-week residency […]

Delta Rae

Delta Rae Takes Residency in Nashville at The Basement this Fall

With headlining shows and coveted festival slots over the last decade, Delta Rae has earned a loyal following. Now, the North Carolina-bred six-piece band has announced a 16-week residency this Fall at The Basement (1604 8th Avenue S.) in Nashville. The Delta Rae Revival will bring their signature Southern Gothic […]

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