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Tim McGraw And Tyler Hubbard Release “Undivided”

Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard

Music superstars Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard of duo Florida Georgia Line combine distinct voices on their new song “Undivided,” out today via Big Machine Records – listen here. The feel-good track, described as a personal call to themselves, serves as a call for self-reflection and unity during these most uncertain times. Corey Crowder and Byron Gallimore join the pair as producers on their second collaboration, following 2016’s “May We All.”
Soul-searching on his bus while waiting out a positive COVID-19 quarantine, Hubbard was inspired to write “Undivided.” Sequestered, the Double Diamond-certified selling artist considered the values he was raised with and the divisiveness everywhere he turned. But rather than maintain a somber tone, he focused on the positive with a feel-good message of hope and optimism. As he recruited McGraw for a song about coming together, that’s exactly what they did. 
The longtime friends bring “Undivided” to life in the studio with the accompanying music video. Watch now: https://tim.lnk.to/undivided_videoPR.

In a career that’s seen him top the charts with “Live Like You Were Dying,” “Humble & Kind,” and “I Called Mama,” this collaboration reflects the compassionate values McGraw has long espoused.
Weighing the dualities that drive people apart, Hubbard suggests embracing the gray area between black and white. In that notion, the Georgia-born/raised musician believes considering where others are coming from as the start of something that can bring us together.
As the Big Machine labelmates invite listeners to become part of the solution, the melody sweeps up with their voices trading lines before joining in a celebration of basic goodness. Invoking faith as something to heal, Hubbard sings, “We’re all the same to God no matter what we get His Love,” while McGraw answers directly with, “I’m tired of looking left or right, so I’m just looking up.”

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One Comment

  1. It’s either Heaven or Hell. NO in between. No gray or luke warm. You are either in or out. And Yes, it does have to be that way.
    I like the optimism and positivity though.

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