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Chris Bandi Drops Music Video for “Would Have Loved Her”

Chris Bandi
Photo Credit: Sarah Paravia

Breakout singer/songwriter and RECORDS artist Chris Bandi dropped a brand-new music video just in time for Father’s Day for his “…heartfelt…stirring…tribute to his late grandpa” (Sounds Like Nashville), “Would Have Loved Her.” The cinematic video, directed by Dustin Haney and filmed along the picturesque Caney Fork River in Tennessee, paints a sorrowing self-portrait with Bandi’s stark and isolated performance on a baby grand piano as the focal point.  Click HERE to view.

“Would Have Loved Her”
(Zach Kale & Chris Bandi)
She’s from a small town just like you 
She’s got a smile that could light up the room 
She’s pretty as a halleluiah 
But don’t let it fool ya
Cause she’ll dance when she drinks 
And she’ll say what she thinks 
She makes me a better man like you did 
I miss you and wish you could just meet each other
Cause I bet you would’ve loved her 
Dad I bet you would’ve loved her

“’Would Have Loved Her’ was such a special song to write,” says Bandi.  “I had the idea on my phone for a while. I wanted to write a song about my grandpa who passed away a few months before I met my girlfriend. I brought the idea into my good friend Zach Kale and he told me that his dad passed away before he met his wife. We both knew what we needed to write that afternoon. We definitely had some people looking down helping us that day!”
Bandi will go live on Instagram tonight, June 22 at 7pm CT to perform and talk about the new video. The emotional new track is found on his self-titled debut EP and available now on all music platforms.  The seven-song collection, four of which are co-written by Bandi, includes his “introspective” (The Boot) mega-hit, “Man Enough Now,” which has racked up over 82 million global streams and counting and is currently impacting country radio. With American Songwriter proclaiming, “if there was ever a time when Bandi had an inferno raging in his heart to make his country music dreams a reality, it is now.”

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