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Should You Mix Tim McGraw with Dr. Dre?

Adam Craig

According to Adam Craig, the answer is yes… if you’re lucky. In his newest single, Adam reflects on the unique blessing of growing up in a small town:

If you’re lucky you mixed your Dr. Dre
With some Tim McGraw in a Chevrolet
Handed down from your daddy to your brother to you
You ran red lights, stayed away from the blue

If you’re lucky you got hammered in a buddy’s barn
Then hillbilly slipped with a girl on your arm
That you swore you would marry but you didn’t
Naw, it wasn’t all pretty but you lived it
If you’re lucky

Adam is a big fan of Tim McGraw, so we asked him to share his top five favorite McGraw songs:

  1. I Didn’t Ask and She Didn’t Say
  2. Refried Dreams
  3. Wouldn’t Want it Any Other Way
  4. Telluride
  5. Live Like You Were Dying

Since moving to Nashville, Adam has written more than 700 songs, including hits for Jason Aldean, Dustin Lynch, Parmalee, and more, but his new single was written by others.

“As a songwriter, it’s the coolest feeling in the world to have an artist record your song,” says Adam. “Now that I’m an artist, I get to cut outside songs and give that to other songwriters.”

After his single “Just a Phase” ran its course last year, Adam realized that he didn’t have to write every single song moving forward and needed to take advantage of the incredible songwriting community that Nashville has to offer. So he started knocking on publishers’ doors to find those songs.

“It was shocking to be respected enough from other publishers for them to play me their best stuff. It’s nuts! There are two songs that other artists released as singles that we passed on… they just weren’t what I could sell… but we would have hundreds of songs that we would meet about… It’s a lot easier to have input from other folks than trying to do it all yourself.”

Although “If You’re Lucky” was written by Jessi Alexander and Chase McGill, the song felt autobiographical to Adam.

“I thought they were writing it about Tenino, Washington! How in the world did they do this?! It has a special quality to it that connects with so many people.”

So what’s next for Adam? He’s filming a music video for “If You’re Lucky” and fans can expect to hear even more new music later this summer!

To catch Adam on the road, visit www.adamcraigofficial.com for tour dates.

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