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Locash Bring Friendship and Brotherhood to New Album, “Brothers”

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LOCASH – consisting of two of our favorite male vocalists Chris Lucas and Preston Brust – are “brothers” from different mothers but nonetheless brothers of the heart and soul. 

The duo – Chris from Baltimore, Maryland and Preston from Kokomo, Indiana – met in Nashville over a decade ago at the Wildhorse Saloon and teamed up as a force to be reckoned with as time marched on.  After self-released albums, a couple of record deals over the years, songs sang and written in the top 40 including #1 “I Know Somebody” and #2 “I Love This Life” as well as writing songs reaching the top of the charts for Keith Urban “You Gonna Fly” and Tim McGraw “Truck Yeah”,  several music videos and three nominations for musical awards, they now call Wheelhouse Records/BBR Music Group home.

Their first full-length album with their new home entitled “Brothers” consists of 11 songs:

  1. One Big Country Song (Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley, Michael Hardy) 
  2. How Much Time You Got (Jacob Durrett, Corey Crowder, Rhett Akins) 
  3. Brothers (PrestonBrust,ChrisLucas,CoreyCrowder,TylerHubbard) 
  4. Summer in a Truck (RhettAkins,BenHayslip,ZachCrowell) 
  5. God Thing (JordanSchmidt,AlexSmith,TylerHubbard,RussellDickerson) 
  6. It’s Only Midnight (Marv Green, Rhett Akins, Dallas Davidson) 
  7. Feels Like a Party (Preston Brust, Chris Lucas, Tyler Hubbard ,Corey Crowder) 
  8. Secret Weapon (Preston Brust, Chris Lucas, Jordan Schmidt, Corey Crowder) 
  9. Cold Beer Kinda Night (ChrisDeStefano,AshleyGorley,RhettAkins) 
  10. Kissing a Girl (Matthew West, Andrew Pruis, Thomas Finchum) 
  11. Beers to Catch Up On (Rhett Akins, Jeremy Stover, Paul DiGiovanni) 

“At the end of the day, we are all brothers and sisters. We’ve all seen our share of sunshine and rain (I know Preston and I certainly have). In order to get through it all, we all need to lean on each other,” said Chris Lucas of LOCASH. “This album is all about recognizing that brotherhood and bringing people together.”

The title song “Brothers” is melodious and harmonious showcasing the unique blend of Chris and Preston’s voices as the song tells the story of two young men growing up in life together.  It discusses the crazy days, the tough times and the fact they always have each others’ back.  They truth out each other whenever its called for and through it all they are “brothers”.  This song is truly their life story!

“Kissing a Girl” brings a serious discussion about those kisses so many gals dream about in life and the boys bring it in with feelings and thoughts that a boy is thinking as he is kissing his girl.  Seems like girls are  always thinking about those kisses and this song just goes to show one that the boys are thinking about some of the same things we do. It’s a catchy tune making the gentle listener feel kissed when the song ends!

“Feels Like a Party”  is a true party song starting out with all the components of a party – parking lots, trucks, people, cold drinks and a damn good time.  This is a cute and quirky song that makes your feet move, your lips yearn for a cold drink, your arms wave up and side to side in the air and your butt shake to the tunes.  Country girls and backroad boys are here to drink and sing – count me in!!

The entire album is a wonderful collection showcasing all the talent this duo has to offer – and they are indeed loaded with talent that exudes into the world wherever they go no matter what stage they take over.  Chris and Preston need to be experienced in person so get yourself up and get to a show!

The album drops March 29, 2019 but you can preorder digitally now so hurry on up and get yours first!

Read and learn more about LOCASH at


Twitter: @LOCASHMusic 

Instagram: @LOCASH 

Brothers,produced by Corey Crowder, Tyler Hubbard, Lindsay Rimes and Jordan Schmidt is available for pre-order by going to to see all the digital platforms on which to preorder YOUR copy!!

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