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10 Quick Quirky Holiday Questions with Clint Black

10 Quicky Quirky Holiday Questions with Clint Black

  1. What kind of food did you leave for Santa when you were little? Always milk and cookies! Hence, the song. 
  2. Real or Fake Christmas Tree? Went with fake, starting a few years back. But we always have some real wreaths around for the aroma. It’s good enough to fool me! 
  3. Do you prefer giving gifts or getting gifts? Getting gifts is fun, but… No. Getting is more fun! HA! 
  4. Have you ever gone Christmas caroling? Yes! We used to ride around in the back of a pick up truck singing carols. We’d jump out from time to time and knock on doors and sing. Funny tradition! 
  5. Gingerbread Cookies or Sugar Cookies?  Sugar cookies!
  6. What’s your favorite holiday song? “Magical Christmas”, by Lily Pearl Black!
  7. What was the most thoughtful present you have ever received? I’d have to say, my first guitar. It started me on my path as an artist. 
  8. Do you own an ugly Christmas sweater? Of course not! I give them away to my friends who have no taste! 
  9. Have you ever re-gifted something someone gave you? No, I haven’t as far as you know! 
  10. Have you ever kissed someone under a mistletoe? Yes! My wife, Lisa! 

Clint is celebrating the holiday season with his trademarked Christmas cheer and a very special studio album. The Clint Black Christmas Collection, out today via Clint’s own Blacktop Records, features songs from his 1995 Christmas album Looking for Christmas, along with some new recordings written for his recently premiered holiday musical of the same name. You can listen to The Clint Black Christmas Collection at the link provided HERE. Additionally, the album is available for purchase in various holiday bundles at www.clintblack.com.

Clint says, “In writing the first album, Looking for Christmas, I learned where our centuries old traditions came from, and I knew I would have to continue writing songs to help grow the collection. This year, I’m thrilled to share even more new songs, including those from my holiday musical, Looking for Christmas, and those featuring my lovely wife and daughter.”

Clint’s new holiday musical, Looking for Christmas, made its debut at The Old Globe theater in San Diego on November 20th, and was recently extended to run until December 31st.

Following its run at The Old Globe, Looking for Christmas will embark on a holiday tour in the 2019-20 season.

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