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10 Quick Quirky Holiday Questions with Jessie G

Christmas photo from 2016 when my love was deployed in Iraq. We will be together for Christmas this year! 

Jessie G hails from the small coastal town of Brookings, Oregon; her heritage spans across four generations of commercial fishermen and Jessie is no exception. The oldest of three, Jessie grew up in a tightly knit, labor intensive, feast or famine community where the women work right alongside the men.

As a youngster, Jessie spent much of her childhood tagging alongside her father on the docks or aboard the hand-built family boat (searching for Dungeness crab and albacore tuna) and selling their catch at the market. Fishing wasn’t just to pay the bills; fishing was a way of life and Jessie’s early means to support her true passion—to become a performing artist.

I was able to support my dream with the money I earned on the docks. I would sell fish at the market and use the money to travel to compete in talent contests at local and state fairs. In high school, I started my first rock band and quickly learned what it was like to be paid to play!

In the summer of 2013, Jessie entered a “Battle Of The Bands” contest where she won the opening slot to perform before Grammy award winning country music artist Gretchen Wilson.

”I heard her voice from my bus and I knew she was something special,” Gretchen shared.

It was after the once-in-a-lifetime chance that the young, aspiring singer and hit-recording artist “clicked” naturally to form a magical working relationship and kinship. The newfound friendship later moved Jessie to make the bold decision to follow her dreams in Music City.

Gretchen has since signed Jessie to Redneck Records and the two have been hard at work not only on her studio album, but on their upcoming summer tour where Jessie will be featured during Gretchen’s performance. Jessie G is set to release new music in the spring of 2018. Her 1st single on Redneck Records entitled “ARMY RANGER” is available NOW!

10 Quick Quirky Holiday Questions with Jessie

  1. What kind of food did you leave for Santa when you were little? Cookies of course! My mom and I made homemade chocolate chip cookies for him.
  2. Real or Fake Christmas Tree?  Real! We go up the mountain and cut one down ourselves.
  3. Do you prefer giving gifts or getting gifts? Definitely giving them. I love nailing a great gift idea.
  4. Have you ever gone Christmas caroling? Every year we go to the local retirement homes and sing Christmas songs to the residents. 
  5. Gingerbread Cookies or Sugar Cookies? That’s tough. It’s a tie.
  6. What’s your favorite holiday song? We Three Kings.
  7. What was the most thoughtful present you have ever received? One of my friends put me on her airline companion pass as a gift so I could fly back and forth to see my family more. That was such a blessing. 
  8. Do you own an ugly Christmas sweater? Multiple!
  9. Have you ever re-gifted something someone gave you? Haha once and I won’t ever do that again 🤦🏻‍♀️
  10. Have you ever kissed someone under a mistletoe? In the 8th grade! 

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