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Cole Swindell delivers “All of It” with third album release

All of It album cover

Courtesy of Warner Music Nashville

Cole Swindell’s new album “All of It” is aptly named, but the title track almost didn’t make the project. The song was a last-minute addition, but it ultimately defines the album and trajectory of Cole’s career.

“I was on the way to a West Virginia basketball game and some buddies of mine were like, ‘You’ve gotta hear this song, we know you’re done recording, but…’ so I listened to it and I was like ‘I have to have that.’”

With ten number one singles as a songwriter, it would be easy for Cole to rely on his own catalog, but he’s always searching for the best songs, no matter where they come from. Cole co-wrote 5 of the 12 tracks, but both the title track and the most autobiographical song on the album came from other songwriters.

“Thank God for these songwriters because this is probably the album I’ve more recorded more outside stuff than I ever have. I think it’s still the best album.”

One of the most poignant tracks is “Dad’s Old Number,” written by Chase McGill and Jessi Alexander, who were out on the road with Cole to write with him. The pair had an idea for a song and tried calling Cole to have him join in, but Cole had fallen asleep and missed the call. Cole was grateful that they wrote it without him.

“I knew that I wasn’t supposed to be a part of that song. As an artist, sometimes you overthink things and I think I could’ve messed that song up somehow. I know they had me in mind.”

The song invokes the raw emotions of trying to call a loved one who has passed away. And even though it’s incredibly personal for Cole, he hopes it sends an important message to listeners.

“If it scares you into calling your mom or dad or whoever you still have… that you’d better call ‘em while you can because you’re gonna want to someday… then I’ve done my job.”

The lead single, “Break Up in the End,” is a stark contrast to many of Cole’s signature party songs… and that was for a reason.

“I want people to know that I do have fun stuff on this album but I also know what songs like that [Break Up in the End] can do and how they affect people… I think we have all of it from songs 1 through 12. I think it’s a little bit of everything you can feel as a human.”

Cole will be performing the entire album live as part of a special album release tour that runs from August 17 through August 23, with special guest Adam Craig.

Later this year, Cole will be hitting the road with Lauren Alaina and Dustin Lynch for his “Reason to Drink… Another” tour. Cole is one of the few acts with a female opener and he understands the importance of what Lauren brings to the tour:

“She’s gonna make a huge difference with us two goofballs out there.”

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