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Chris Young Puts on Show Stopping Concert at Matthew Knight Arena on His Losing Sleep Tour


Photo Credit: Molly Holmberg for Country Music Tattle Tale

The very impressive Morgan Evans took the stage first at Matthew Knight Arena for Chris Young‘s Losing Sleep Tour.  Morgan stood on the stage, just him, his guitar, and his pedal.    He did not have a band with him, yet he was able to put on a great show. Using his pedal, he played different sounds into it, looped them together, and sang, making it sound as if he was performing with an entire band. Morgan introduced himself and went into playing his debut single “Kiss Somebody” which has received a lot of success as his first single in the US.

Morgan performed with an infectious passion and really got the crowd going. His song “Day Drunk” had even more energy attached to it and with the use of the pedal for the invisible band and backing vocals, you would never know there was no actual band there if you were just listening. Morgan had the crowd roped in and the crowd wanted more after his set. A man who comes on to sing just a few songs really knocked it out of the park.

Photo Credit: Molly Holmberg for Country Music Tattle Tale

With a brand new stage arrangement and laser light show, Kane Brown took the stage next. Kane opens his show singing about his “Hometown” before performing his #1 hit “Used To Love You Sober.” “There Goes My Everything” is the first song Kane has written with his labelmate Chris Young, while his current single “Heaven” is where he explained feeling right now on tour with Young. Fighting obstacles with racism, abuse, and poverty during his childhood doesn’t stop Kane from pushing forward as shown in his song “Learning” where he speaks of “letting it go.” When playing this song the entire arena got quiet and then applauded him at the end of the song for his vulnerability.

Kane wraps up his set with his current single “What Ifs,”. With Lauren not present, Kane had assistance from the crowd to help fill in for her. According to his team, Kane has invested in some of the best top-notch sound systems, microphones, and lights in order to produce the kind of show he does, and it definitely has paid off.

Photo Credit: Molly Holmberg for Country Music Tattle Tale

With total darkness across the arena, the music begins as Chris appears as a silhouette from a soft backlight rising from up above. With his microphone in hand, he begins with “Losing Sleep,” the title track to his current studio album and tour. The crowd quickly arises and sings along with Chris and the band for the rest of the night.

Chris did not play a whole lot of new music as he went back to the hits from his seven studio albums. However, he does add “Whiskey To Stone”, a song that he loves that was written by some friends of his that he performs as a solo acoustic during a band break.

Throughout the evening, Chris has to take a step back with amazement as he is totally taken in by the volume of the crowd inside the arena. A big hit on country radio “Who I Am With You” gave Chris a chance to sing at his best friend’s wedding and was performed inside the arena along with brightly lit flashlights on cell phones.
To finish off the set, Chris performs “Think Of You” with duet partner Cassadee Pope appearing on the large overhead video screen. As the song ends, Chris walks off stage while the band continues to play. After a loud appeal for an encore, Chris, still in amazement, listens to the crowd cheer for him. As the cheers escalate Chris comes back on stage to conclude with “I’m Coming Over.”

What was so impressive about Chris’s show was his genuine personality. The whole show he was smiling and bouncing around giving off the feeling that playing these shows was fun for him and not a job. With Chris’ pure self and raw talent, he has proven that you do not have to have big extravagant stages and light shows to win over a crowd. Just give him a guitar and let his vocals take over.

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