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Caitlyn Smith Performs Her ‘Most Fun Show,’ Wraps Up Starfire Tour

On April 5, Caitlyn Smith embarked on the Starfire Tour — a tour named after her debut album. Fast forward 36 days and the singer-songwriter wrapped up her first-ever headlining tour with a sold out show at Nashville’s Mercy Lounge. In her 15-track set, fan-favorites like “Tacoma” and “This Town Is Killing Me” accompanied artist covers, including a mesmerizing version of Carole King’s “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman,” a song perfectly suited for Smith’s impeccable vocals.

From opening to closing note, Smith proved three things at her Music City gig: She’s a brilliant songwriter, she deserves the recognition of a powerhouse vocalist and, lastly, she is a dynamic performer awaiting the fame which will soon find her.

As Smith approached her fans, these lyrics from “Before You Called Me Baby” kick-started her savory set: “Sure is hard to remember / Life before you walked into the picture / I was a sad Mona Lisa with a crooked frame / Standing on my platform, waiting for my train.”

Fans bursted each lyric aloud, and that quickly became the night’s routine as Smith performed a stream of songs from her Starfire album, such as the title track, “St. Paul” and “Scenes From a Corner Booth at Closing Time on a Tuesday.”

Midway through, Smith shared two bonus tracks exclusively found on her vinyl album: “Breakfast in the Afternoon” and “If I Didn’t Love You.” And, well-after her fans were completely drawn to her underrated talent, Smith elevated her performance to a whole new level as she broke into a groovy cover of Prince’s “Kiss.”

“This has been the most fun show of my entire life,” Smith said before delivering to fans exactly what they came for: a sultry and satisfying rendition of “Tacoma.” And in this very moment, it was as if each fans feet were glued to the floor, their eyes filled with awe and their ears hanging on Smith’s every lyric.

She didn’t stop there, though. In fact, she saved a very amped up performance for last with “Contact High.” But, the very moment she disappeared behind the back curtain, fans demanded she return with an encore performance; she answered that request with “East Side Restaurant” before wiping a tear from her eye and taking the night’s final bow.

Caitlyn Smith will now join Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Sheryl Crow for summer dates. For more information, visit

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