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Old Crow Medicine Show Delivers Fast Paced Exciting Album “Volunteer”

Old Crow medicine Show

Fast fiddle and pickin’ and grinnin’ start out this fast track new album by Old Crow Medicine Show titled “Volunteer”.  Hold on to your horses because this album shoots  you out of the gate with new, fast tracks of music!

“A World Away” is an extremely catchy tune dealing with immigration which shows the band’s propensity to understanding the problems and hopes and dreams of others as the song writes that the singer is “standing at the gates but I’m a world away”.  This is my favorite song of the album for not only the words and content but also the tune and instrumentals and its flowing melody.

“Child of the Mississippi” is a song about birth in Dixieland and being a sweet child of the Mississippi.  It’s full of great banjo with lots of harmonica interestingly worked throughout the song.  The song makes the listener yearn for life along the Big Muddy even if they have never seen her.

The fast-paced “Shout Mountain Music” is sure to take the listener straight to a banjo festival in the middle of a mountain meadow, complete with pickers ‘n grinners, jumpers and joggers, ladies in twirly skirts and fellas with suspenders and banjos.  This song was so much fun I played it twice!

The album is not altogether fast-paced as a few of the last few songs, “Homecoming Party” and “Whirlwind” wrap it up with soft and easy ballads, showcasing the band’s ability to liven it up a lot and then sway it out just as easily. They have a very good mix on “Volunteer”.

The track listing is as follows:

  1. Flicker & Shine
  2. A World Away
  3. Child of the Mississippi
  4. Dixie Avenue
  5. Look Away 
  6. Shout Mountain Music
  7. The Good Stuff
  8. Old Hickory
  9. Homecoming Party
  10. Elzick’s Farewell
  11. Whirlwind

The album was published by Columbia Records Nashville/Sony Music Australia and is available on all major digital outlets and even your local record shop. It’s also available on their website  Get your copy and be prepared for a thoroughly enjoyable ride through the world of the Old Crow Medicine Show.

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