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Kenny Chesney’s Flora-Bama Tickets Get Messy

kenny chesney

If you went to Kenny Chesney’s website Thursday morning (7/17) at 7:06am to get a wristband for his free concert Aug. 16 at the Flora-Bama border bar, you were out of luck. In less than five minutes, the passes granting access to the fenced-in beach area were gone. Even Wednesday’s (7/16) concert announcement caused such a high volume of traffic that it temporarily shut down his website.

“Maybe the fans are as hungry to see me as I am them,” surmised Chesney. “Getting out on that beach to play is gonna be awesome.”

Promoters for Kenny’s concert have had to issue an apology for the confusion surrounding ticket distribution.  The Facebook post reads as follows:

“When we said come to at 7 am, we thought people would show up, but we never anticipated 140,000 hits in less than five minutes! It collapsed the system, sent us scrambling and — proud of the power of the No Shoes Nation on the move — we got the site back up in thirty minutes. Unfortunately, fans received conflicting responses. Too many RSVP messages went out. Suddenly people who thought they had wristbands were told they were on the waiting list. What could be more disappointing? And we get it. Anyone who received the confirmation of their wristbands on the RSVP page will receive an email tomorrow with the details of the show and where to pick up their credentials As Kenny said: “I never want to let my fans down. When I heard what happened, I told my team: there’s got to be a solution. Let’s find one. “They’ve been on the phone all day, and into tonight. Working with the city, so we wouldn’t have to tell people ‘You can’t come.’ “I’m lucky: I have an awesome team. They get my passion for what we do, but they really get my passion for you guys. Safety has to come first… and that was the biggest piece of resolving this situation. Making sure there was a way to accommodate everyone and keep it safe. “Finally, just before 11:30 Eastern time, we were given the All Clear. The city, the incredible staff at the FloraBama and a host of others helped us find a way to allow everyone who received an RSVP notification saying they could pick up wristbands at Will Call to be accommodated. “We want to get this right. We need to take a little more time to have everything absolutely together. But I didn’t want people feeling uncertain, uncared for or left in the dark any longer. “We will have full details tomorrow. For now, just know, we’ve worked all day to get this situation resolved. We’ll see everybody who got the message at the FloraBama on August 16. Until then, thanks for your patience, your understanding and loving music as much as I do…”

Kenny Chesney Nearly Breaks the Internet

kenny chesney

Kenny Chesney knew he wanted to get the No Shoes Nation together for one big show before The Big Revival hit the streets – and he knew he wanted that show to be something special. He also wanted it to reflect the laidback, easy-going hang that has come to mark his all-day outdoor plays.

What he wasn’t prepared for – when the announcement hit yesterday that he would be making wristbands for the free show at the Flora-Bama on August 16th available at 7 a.m. – was the volume of traffic that caused his website to literally shut down the site. But the No Shoes Nation is not to be denied, and when the RSVP portal re-opened at 7:30 a.m., the wristbands for the fenced-in beach area were snapped up in less than 5 minutes.

“Maybe the fans are as hungry to see me as I am them,” Chesney said with a laugh. “Cause I can’t wait to get out there and play. As I’ve said: I really miss not playing shows, seeing the people and having that exchange of energy that we have every night! The No Shoes Nation always brings it, and brings it hard – and they push me to bea better artist.”

The Flora- Bama Lounge is located on Perdido Key, where Orange Beach and Gulf Shores meet. Established in 1964, it straddles the Florida/Alabama line and draws an eclectic mix of beach people, good ole boys, sports fans, locals, tourists, college kids, good timers, musicians and other folks looking to soak up the be-as-you-are environment.

“There are a few places that have the vibe, but not many bring together everything that – to me – makes for a great time: the beach, room to hang out, nowhere to hurry, lots of friends you don’t know yet – and an environment that says, ‘Come! Have a good time!’ The Flora-Bama has all that, and more… and getting out on that beach to play is gonna be awesome. I’m already psyched to know this is really happening.”

“American Kids” is taking the country charts by storm, #12 with a bullet on Billboard and #14 on Mediabase after three short weeks. The triple-rhythmed, double hook song captures an essential core sample of how freewheeling people live, love and come of age. A right now song, one people can embrace no matter their age, it embraces the moment, the joy and every opportunity to engage.

“When I heard ‘American Kids,’ I knew it was special… It was a song people – especially the ones in the pinpoint towns between New York and L.A. – really live, really capture. So I was thrilled to cut it, and when we went looking for a place to do this show, I wanted something that had that spirit, had that vibe… That’s what The Big Revival is all about, that’s what this show is all about – and this is what the Flora-Bama is.”

Kenny Chesney Announces His Only Show for 2014

kenny chesney

With “American Kids” taking the country charts by storm, Kenny Chesney’s itch to bring the No Shoes Nation together didn’t take long. But in keeping with his always “embrace life, make it happen” attitude, Chesney wasn’t looking to just show up and play, he wanted to make it the kind of day that his fans really know how to celebrate, to turn into a memory that’s going to last for months to come.

After a quick site scout and a bunch of phone calls, the 4-time Country Music Association and 4 consecutive Academy of Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year settled on a spot along the Gulf Coast where Alabama meets Florida, and entire worlds come together: the Flora-Bama.

“I’ve been holed up making a record for the last year… and anyone who knows me knows how much I miss playing, miss the fans, but especially miss the culture the people who love this music bring with them,” Chesney says. “Obviously, this isn’t going to be one of those huge shows we do, but it’s gonna be a long day, a whole lotta music and even more fun.

“To me, a place like the Flora-Bama is all about kicking back, being with your friends and not worrying about a thing… Just hang out and be easy. I love that it’s on a border, that it’s on a beach, that it’s like the best bar anywhere people get together and just be! It’s everything the notion of The Big Revival is built on: taking that time to regroup, replenish then re-engage with the passion of being truly, absolutely alive.”

Located where Orange Beach and Gulf Shores meet Perdido Key, literally on the Alabama/Florida border, the bar with a beach was established in 1964 and has been a gathering place for surfers, sports fans, beach people, blue collars, rednecks, good ole boys’n’girls, locals, tourists ever since. Celebrated by The New Yorker, Maxim, John Grisham, Men’s Journal, USA Today, Bon Appetit, Playboy, Outside, The Boston Globe and Delta Sky, the Lounge/Package Store/Yacht Club is a one of a kind for laidback revelry and people coming together.

“This all started with ‘American Kids’ for me,” Chesney explains. “The idea how passionate my fans are, the way they come together and how much they love life, they love music and they celebrate every moment. I miss getting out there and playing, and I figured this is a way to combine everything they love in one place… Capture the essence of that freewheeling, seize the moment notion of the song, the album and the Nation.”

Details for the August 16 show – including how to get wristbands for access to the enclosed beach area – will be available, along with a clip from Kenny, at 7 a.m. central time tomorrow at Get ready, it’s gonna rock.

Kenny Chesney Reveals ‘The Big Revival’ Cover Art

Kenny Chesney The Big Revival

It took Kenny Chesney time to find the songs that would become The Big Revival. But given the success of “American Kids” topping the Soundscan Digital Country Songs chart for the last two weeks since and hitting country radio hard.

With an eye toward fresh and different, Chesney wanted an album cover to reflect just that. Not what was expected, not obvious marketing, or even keyed on any of the obvious notions of who he is. As he says, “I wanted a cover that was surprising… that suggests anything is possible. No matter where you are in your life, how tired or lost or demoralized, with a little faith and a little help, anything’s possible. Because it’s all within you. Or me.”

To that end, Chesney chose a portrait of the bus from his freewheeling “American Kids” video, a vehicle both loaded with meaning and recast in ways that defy description. Transformed by the crazy paint job Chesney himself helped create, the bus becomes a transport to a world where everyone can explore their potential and celebrate being alive.

“That was the thing about the bus. It was so far beyond coloring outside the lines, yet what’s more common than a school bus? We’ve seen them our entire life… Yet, when you look at that bus after we were done painting it, it was a whole new notion! That’s what I think everyone is striving for: be who you are, but be the person we dream, not end up.”

Shot by emergent photographer Allister Ann, the image was revealed this morning by The Hollywood Reporter ( and, the cover suggests that within what we know, there are places we still haven’t imagined. All we have to do is look a little closer, then get ready – as the title suggests – for the Big Revival within us.

“I think that’s the thing about the songs on this record… about the attitude and energy in ‘American Kids’… it’s not the same old. It’s not what you expect… It’s what can be. Asking ‘how far can you take it?,’ no, it’s ‘how far do you wanna take it?!’ To me, that’s what we sometimes lose sight of, not even how great this life is and can be, but all the things we don’t even consider — and that’s where the real thrill of being alive is.

“So rather than another picture of me, I figured, let’s throw open our imaginations! Let’s see what the bus, ‘American Kids’ and the rest of the songs can mean. Look at the bus — No! Get on the bus… and take the ride for whatever it is you dream.”

The Big Revival arrives in stores and online September 23. “American Kids,” a celebration of the free-spirited nature that marks being alive and savoring each moment, is Chesney’s fastest moving single in years. In its third week, the song is Greatest Gainer, hitting #14 on Billboard and #17 at MediaBase.

Pittsburgh Wants to Do Someting About Dirty Country Music Fans


Officials in Pittsburgh have no beef with the music performed by Luke Bryan and Kenny Chesney. But they do have an issue with the performance of fans who have come to see the two country acts perform. Authorities are trying to come up with policies to avoid the huge cleanup that followed both shows. One idea is to limit the number of hours people can tailgate at venues like Heinz Field, where the two shows took place. Another idea being considered is to have promoters pay a deposit that could be used to defray cleanup expenses. Officials hope to have the new rules ready before Jason Aldean’s July 26 concert at PNC Park. After last month’s Bryan concert, Mayor Bill Peduto criticized fans for “trashing” the city.

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