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Josh Abbott Band

Josh Abbott Band Gives the Kids What They Want, “Old Town Road”

This week country singer Josh Abbott visited Bee Cave Elementary school in Texas and performed Lil Nas X, Cover ‘Old Town Road.’  He adds on the post “Sometimes, you just give the people (kids) what they want!!! when I heard they REALLY wanted to hear this song today, I had […]

Jimmie Allen
Jimmie Allen / On TV

Jimmie Allen Gives His Opinion of Genre-Blurring “Old Town Road”

Singer/songwriter and Stoney Creek Records/BBR Music Group artist Jimmie Allen appeared on “CBS This Morning” on Wednesday, April 10, to lend his voice to the ongoing conversation surrounding the Lil Nas X hit “Old Town Road.” His comments about the song that currently finds itself at the top of the Billboard Hot […]

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