Articles written by: Tayhlor Stephenson

Charles Esten / Chris Carmack / Clare Bowen / CMT / Nashville

CMT’s Nashville In Concert Tour Performs at the Grand Ole Opry for the First and Last Time

After six seasons, Nashville, the television drama inspired by its namesake, comes to an end. And for the first — and last — time, the cast brought their “Nashville In Concert” tour to the show’s hometown, performing for a sold-out crowd at none other than the Grand Ole Opry. “We […]

Chris Janson
Chris Janson / Grand Ole Opry / Lists

Chris Janson Deserves To Be The Opry’s Newest Member, Here’s Why

Chris Janson made an all-new name for himself last night as he became the Grand Ole Opry’s newest member. He follows country music greats — Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks, Oak Ridge Boys, Loretta Lynn and more — but it’s by no accident that Janson received the highly coveted invitation. Since […]

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