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Jake Hoot and Kelly Clarkson
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Jake Hoot and Kelly Clarkson Duet on Lead-Off Single from “Love Out of Time” EP

 Just days in advance of his debut EP pre-order, emerging Country crooner Jake Hoot has announced the lead-off single from his forthcoming EP will feature international superstar Kelly Clarkson. The powerful duet entitled “I Would’ve Loved You” features Hoot and Clarkson’s distinct vocals throughout the emotional ballad. The entire Love Out Of Time EP is available for pre-order on January 14th with the official release slated for January […]

Jake Hoot
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Jake Hoot Releases “Best Job I Ever Had” Music Video in Celebration of Father’s Day

 Just in time for Father’s Day, Jake Hoot has released a music video for new track “Best Job I Ever Had”, dedicated to his 5-year-old daughter Macy. Written by Hoot and Connor Rand and produced by Dave Pahanish and Charles Pevahouse Jr., Hoot says,  “Without a doubt, being a dad is the greatest accomplishment […]

Jake Hoot
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Jake Hoot Releases Charitable Song, “Tennessee Strong” Following Deadly Tornadoes

Following the deadly tornadoes that tore through Middle Tennessee during the early hours of March 3rd, 2020, Jake Hoot took a pen to paper to express his emotions. Hoot’s first release since he was crowned champion of Season 17 of NBC’s The Voice, “Tennessee Strong” is an anthem for the selfless actions shown […]

Jake Hoot
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Jake Hoot Makes Impactful Grand Ole Opry Debut

The reigning NBC “The Voice” champion Jake Hoot celebrated an impactful Grand Ole Opry debut Tuesday night. With more than 1,000 tickets sold in his hometown alone, the “hooters” showed up in full force to cheer on Hoot. Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame member Philip Gibbons welcomed Hoot onto the Opry stage as the crowd […]

Jake Hoot
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Jake Hoot Invited to Make His Grand Ole Opry Debut

 The reigning NBC “The Voice” champion Jake Hoot was invited by Dailey & Vincent’s Jamie Dailey, on behalf of the Opry, to make his Grand Ole Opry debut today. During a live interview on WGSQ’s 94.7 The Country Giant in Cookeville, TN, Hoot was surprised by fellow Upper Cumberland native and Grand […]

Jake hoot
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Jake Hoot to Perform “Better Off Without You” on the Kelly Clarkson Show

 The reigning NBC “The Voice” champion Jake Hoot is set to appear on nationally syndicated The Kelly Clarkson Show on Monday, January 6th. After winning season 17 of NBC’s “The Voice” on December 17th alongside Coach Clarkson, Hoot will join the superstar on her show to perform “Better Off Without You”, which he originally debuted on “The Voice.” Check your […]

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