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Raleigh Keegan’s Brand-New Track “Long Line Of Lovers” Is Out NOW!

Raleigh Keegan

Rising Country singer Raleigh Keegan’s brand-new track, “Long Line of Lovers,”  is out NOW across all DSP platforms.  Produced by Grammy-award winner Ryan Gore (Jon Pardi, Old Dominion), the new song follows previously released tracks “Way Back” and “Another Good Day,” with additional tracks dropping in the coming months.   

The official lyric video for “Long Line of Lovers” 

Co-written by Raleigh with Lonnie Fowler and Joel Shewmake, “Long Line of Lovers” is a nod to Keegan’s unconventional upbringing.  Born inside the Columbus State Penitentiary where his biological mother was serving time for drug-related charges, Raleigh was adopted and raised by a loving family in Cincinnati.   

Raleigh sings “the shade of my family tree sure left its mark on me, that was one hell of a rock to crawl out from under,” in the opening line of the song. He later confesses, “me, I’ve had my vices, but thank God these days mine is lovin’ on you.”  

Raleigh notes that the autobiographical nature of the song is a “love letter” to his wife of 6 years, Shelby. 

“I was thinking about our first official date and how at some point I would have to tell her about my family history,” he says. “The song tells the story of my family and all the baggage that comes with that, but also slips in that really, these days all I’ve been doing is loving her.”  

After selling his house to pay for his first record, Raleigh made the move to Nashville and began songwriting, landing sessions with some of Nashville’s best songwriters.  He later connected with producer Ryan Gore, who has said, “Raleigh is a rare breed of artist. He is bold enough to be different than the mold but has the skill to back it up. It’s not every day you get to work with an artist who knows who they are, what they want to say, and has undeniable talent.” 

Raleigh, a self-taught piano and guitar player, has accumulated over 4 million streams across his catalog to date.    

For the latest updates on Raleigh, visit or check him out on Facebook Instagram / Twitter.  

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