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Collin Raye Returns to the Grand Ole Opry Stage this Friday

Collin Raye
Photo Courtesy of the Grand Ole Opry

This weekend, country music star Collin Raye returns to the Grand Ole Opry to celebrate the release of his brand-new album, SCARS (BFD / Audium Nashville). On Friday, January 8 (7:00 p.m. / CT), the multi-platinum selling artist will perform some of his No. 1 hit songs as well as his new album’s title track, “Scars.”  

SCARS is the first album Raye has released in more than a decade that boasts all-new material. Opry fans will be the first to hear Raye perform live in 2021. 

“I’m very excited to be on the Opry again and to perform my new song, ‘Scars,’ on the Opry stage,” says Raye. “It’s a song written by my brother, Scotty, and though he wrote it well over a decade ago, I feel it has a timely significance for people now who have suffered through the last year and been scarred by it, struggling to find a way forward. I hope the song blesses people, and I can’t wait to sing it on the Opry.” 

Recorded as a duet featuring Miranda LambertPeople compliments “Scars” as “melancholic, yet empowering,” while Taste of Country applauds its “powerful harmonies” and recognizes its “poignant” and “emotional” complexity. 

Raye’s new compilation also features Country Music Hall of Fame member Vince Gill on the western swing-inspired “Rodeo Girl” and The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach on electric guitar throughout the album’s entirety.  

SCARS is out now and available everywhere music is sold or streamed. Download now here: 

To purchase tickets to Friday night’s Grand Ole Opry show, visit

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