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Canaan Smith to Premiere “Cabin in the Woods” Music Video

Canaan Smith

 Round Here Records’ PLATINUM-hitmaker Canaan Smith is kicking off the new year by bringing his latest reflective tune, “Cabin In The Woods,” to life in a brand-new video – world premiering exclusively on CMTCMT Music and tomorrow (1/8).

Serving as Smith’s co-directing debut alongside Kurt Ozan, the stunning clip was shot in McEwen, Tennessee, and perfectly follows the lyrics of Smith’s rootsy, midtempo tune, as it takes fans on a visual trip down memory lane to a backwoods hideaway – a place that Smith couldn’t get enough of. 

“The whole filming process was a blast,” Smith explains. “I feel most at home when I’m out in the middle of nowhere, just enjoying nature – and that’s exactly what we did. Plus, since this was my first time co-directing, it was that much more exciting for me. I hope fans enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.”

Co-produced by Smith alongside Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, and written by Smith, Kelley, Josh Miller and David Garcia, “Cabin In The Woods” is the latest introduction to Smith’s new musical chapter and has continued to garner praise since its release, with Sounds Like Nashville hailing, “the rustic track transports listeners far away from the modern rat race.” Continuing to channel his Virginia roots, the track follows “Colder Than You” – a “solidly country” (MusicRow), “deliberately stripped down” (Rolling Stone) tune that highlights Smith’s “raw tone” (Billboard) and serves as a “slow grooving, tear-in-your-beer waltz for the modern era” (Sounds Like Nashville).

And this is just the beginning, as Smith is set to roll out a brand-new project in the coming months.


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