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All-vocal Country entertainers HOME FREE are gearing up for the WARMEST WINTER ever, as they light up the season with the release of their brand-new holiday album on November 6. 

Available for pre-order today (9/25), the 12-track project was produced by Darren Rust and serves as the latest in a line of successful holiday albums from the acclaimed group, following fan favorites FULL OF CHEER and FULL OF (EVEN MORE) CHEER. Looking to set the festive bar even higher this time around, WARMEST WINTER features more holiday originals than ever before, alongside several seasonal staples and magical collaborations that are guaranteed to leave listeners dreaming of nothing less than a white Christmas.

One such collaboration stands as a major highlight from the project, as Home Free bring their renowned harmonies together with those of Country legends ALABAMA on the iconic group’s holiday hit, “Christmas in Dixie.” 

“Alabama is my all-time favorite country group,” says tenor Austin Brown. “I learned to sing harmony by listening to ‘Mountain Music’ and ‘I’m in a Hurry.’ So, needless to say, this is definitely a major highlight, if not the pinnacle of my career so far.”

Decking the halls Home Free-style, WARMEST WINTER also features some never-before-heard festive originals, with group members Tim Foust and Brown among the writing credits. Serving up a dash of holiday humor, the Brown co-write, “Cold Hard Cash,” is exactly what you’d imagine from a song with its title – hilariously expressing what many of us have wished we could say when asked about our gift of choice. In contrast, Foust original, “What We Need is Love,” pulls at the heartstrings and aims to bring people together through its message of acceptance.

Home Free’s WARMEST WINTER Track Listing

1. “Christmas Don’t Be Late”  (Ross Bagdasarian, Sr.)
2. “Christmas in L.A.”  (Jack Stratton)
3. “Warmest Winter”  (Austin BrownEmma BrookeSteven Martinez)
4. “Tennessee Christmas” feat. Rachel Wammack  (Amy GrantGary Chapman)
5. “What Christmas Means to Me”  (Allen StoryAnna Gordy GayeGeorge Gordy)
6. “Winter Song”  (Sara BareillesIngrid Michaelson)
7. “Christmas in Dixie” feat. Alabama  (Randy OwenJeff CookTeddy GentryMark Herndon)
8. “Snow Globe”  (Tim FoustKeelan Donovan)
9. “Run, Run Rudolph” feat. Striking Matches  (Johnny MarksMarvin Brodie)
10. “Christmas Ain’t For the Lonely”  (Tim FoustChris ChathamDarren Rust)
11. “Cold Hard Cash”  (Austin BrownAndrew TufanoAnnika Bennett)
12. “What We Need is Love”  (Tim FoustErnie Halter)



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