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Filmore Releases Debut Album: ‘State I’m In’


Singer/songwriter Filmore’s highly anticipated debut album, State I’m Inis available now. The 18-song project chronicles a chapter of his life filled with changes, including his recent engagement to long-time girlfriend Paige, planning a fall wedding and seeing his worldwide fan base continue to grow amidst a global pandemic. Listen to the album HERE.

“This album is a look into my life over the last few years. It’s the ups and downs in relationships, experiences from my hometown, life on the road, and living in Nashville,” says the artist who has earned over 155 million streams. “The only way I can tell my story is through country music. This genre has been a part of my life growing up and I always knew I was going to do this. I’m unapologetically who I am. My motto would be anything but typical.”

Produced by Zach Abend, State I’m In seamlessly blends country music sensibilities with pop and electronic elements in earnest and features a number of unreleased tracks including upcoming radio single, “Nothing’s Better,” along with fan favorites like “Other Girl,” “Love That About You,” “London,” and “Slower.” Additional producers featured on the album include Ian Keaggy, Justin Ebach, Filmore, John-Luke Carter, Jason Massey, Jesse Frasure, Jordan M. Schmidt and Jimmy Robbins. PopCulture says the “debut is about to add jet fuel to his career” while Country Now declares the album offers “a unique journey from beginning to end.”

“I wrote every song from a real and personal place with amazing writers and friends. My hope is that you can listen to this album from start to finish and know who Filmore is by the end,” shares the Wildwood, Missouri native. “Knowing that these songs relate to others, to help them get through a break-up, or celebrate love, or just let them enjoy a night out with friends, is why I made this album. State I’m In can be a state of mind or a specific location that helps you remember a moment in your life.”

With a voice the New York Times notes “never flirts with tension,” Filmore’s musical inclinations were shaped by a variety of sounds, cultures and musical eras; from his Colombian mother’s salsa music to his father’s Eighties’ favorites like John Mellencamp and Def Leppard.

Filmore found his passion for music early and by chance when he joined the school choir in 5th grade as a way to earn extra recess time. He remained active in choir throughout high school and after graduation enrolled at the University of Missouri where he majored in vocal performance and business. Music remained Filmore’s focus as he balanced his studies with performances in university productions of operas and musicals. On the weekends he would play with his band – also called Filmore – making extra cash and gaining popularity regionally. 

After completing his studies, Filmore moved to Nashville in 2011 to make a go as a solo artist. In a move of business savvy, especially for a newcomer to Music City, Filmore sold his beloved Jeep to have enough money to retain control of his masters and still doesn’t have a car today.

He went on to independently release several popular EPs including 2016’s Proof but it was the release of banjo-led summer anthem “Slower” in 2018 that was Filmore’s breakout moment. The song to date has garnered more than 34 million streams and earned comparisons to Sam Hunt. It also caught the attention of Nashville’s Curb Records who signed Filmore in 2019. Since then he has steadily released new tracks including fan favorites “Other Girl,” “My Place,” “Blue Skies” and “Love That About You,” which has earned more than 43 million streams.

Prior to signing his record deal, Filmore had been steadily building his following through touring and strong streaming numbers. In addition to a growing fan base, Filmore grabbed the attention of some of country music’s hottest artists as well. Earlier this year he hit the road with Lauren Alaina for her That Girl Was Me Tour and has toured with the likes of Sam Hunt, Russell Dickerson, Carrie Underwood, Dan + Shay and more.

The Curb Records recording artist continues to build on the success of tracks “Slower” and “Love That About You.” with features on Spotify’s noteworthy ‘New Music Friday,’ ‘Hot Country’ and ‘Wild Country.’ His insightful songwriting, combined with his high energy stage show, has made him one of the most in-demand young acts in country music, and with the arrival of his debut album, he’s already built a large and enthusiastic fan base.

State I’m In track listing:

  1. New To This (Tyler Filmore / Adam James / Ian Keaggy)
  2. Slower (Tyler Filmore / Steven Jones / Justin Ebach)
  3. Country Song (Tyler Filmore / Justin Ebach / John-Luke Carter)
  4. W.I.L.D. (Tyler Filmore / Michael Whitworth)
  5. State I’m In (Tyler Filmore / John-Luke Carter)
  6. Heart’s Having A Hard Time (Tyler Filmore / Hannah Ellis / Jason Massey)
  7. Blue Skies (Tyler Filmore / Cary Barlowe / Jesse Frasure)
  8. Nothing’s Better (Tyler Filmore / John Luke Carter / Michael Whitworth)
  9. Busy (Tyler Filmore / Justin Ebach)
  10. Love That About You (Tyler Filmore / Benji Davis / John-Luke Carter / Michael Whitworth)
  11. My Place (Tyler Filmore / John-Luke Carter / Justin Ebach)
  12. Other Girl (Tyler Filmore / busbee / John Luke Carter / Josh Kear)
  13. Pictures On The Fridge (Tyler Filmore / Jordan Schmidt / Bob DiPiero)
  14. Me Lately (Tyler Filmore / John-Luke Carter / Jimmy Robbins)
  15. Day Hour Minute (Tyler Filmore / Justin Ebach / Josh Miller / Zach Abend)
  16. London (Tyler Filmore / John-Luke Carter)
  17. Livin Easy (Tyler Filmore / John-Luke Carter / Jason Massey)
  18. Anyone But Me (Tyler Filmore / Jason Massey / Hannah Ellis)

For more information, visit or follow online @filmoremusic. 

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