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Matt Stell To Release “Better Than That” EP On October 16

Matt Stell

It doesn’t get much better than NEWmusic from Matt Stell! With his current Top 10 and rising single “Everywhere But On” soaring up the radio and streaming charts, the Platinum-certified singer is gearing up to release a new EP —Better Than That— on October 16.  Co-produced by Matt with Ash BowersBetter Than That features five new songs, including the EP’s title track, which is available now along with the “Better Than That” lyric video (watch/share here). In addition to the new tracks, the EP includes the single “Everywhere But On,” his multi-week No. 1 Platinum-certified smash, “Prayed For You,” as well as the recently released “If I Was A Bar” (pre-order/pre-save here).

“I think the silver lining to quarantine and being off of the road is that I’ve been able to focus on writing and becoming more creative,” says Stell.  “I’m really proud of these new songs, so it’s exciting to finally get them out to the fans.” 

Produced by Ash Bowers and Matt Stell

1. Everywhere But On (Matt Stell, Paul Sikes, and Lance Miller)
2. If I Was A Bar (Dan Isbell, Zack Kale, and Jonathan Singleton)
3. Prayed For You (Ash Bowers, Matt Stell, and Allison Veltz-Cruz)
4. Better Than That (Joe Fox, Phil Barton, and Matt Stell)
5. I Love You Too (Seth Alley, Matt Stell, Ryan Peterson)
6. Sadie (Nate Cyphert, Sam Roman, Parrish Warrington, and Diederik van Elsas)
7. Chase it Down (Jarrod Ingram, Blake Hubbard, Brian Maher, and Matt Stell)
8. Look at Me Now (Joe Fox, Seth Ennis, and Thomas Finchum)

Stell is firing on all cylinders— the Arkansas native has already amassed over 340 Million cumulative streams across his catalog worldwide.  He was also recently featured on “Over Yonder, a collaboration with viral sensation and Christian rapper Lathan Warlick, which, in a time of uncertainty and civil unrest, offers positivity and hope towards coming together.
For more information, be sure to visit or follow him on  TwitterFacebookInstagramYouTube @MattStellMusic.     

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