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Texas Hill Announces Debut EP

Texas Hill
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Newly formed supergroup Texas Hill announced today their debut self-titled EP set for release September 25. In addition to the new EP, the band will drop a new single, “Easy On The Eyes” tomorrow (August 28) on all digital streaming platforms. “Easy On The Eyes” is one of five tracks on the upcoming EP, along with previously released singles “Four Roses” and “Darkest Sky.”

Pre-Order the Debut EP HERE.
“Easy on the Eyes” available HERE.

The group first tested the Texas Hill concept (then unnamed) with a series of co-headlining shows in late 2019. In June, Billboard officially announced the trio, comprised of Craig Wayne Boyd, Casey James and Adam Wakefield—all former reality show contestants (Boyd and Wakefield placed 1st and 2nd on separate seasons of NBC’s The Voice, while James placed 3rd on ABC’s American Idol) and solo acts.

Craig Wayne Boyd said of the group’s inception,

“I had always wanted to be part of a Vocal group, and decided to really go for the idea last year around April. Casey and Adam were my first two calls, and I’m really glad they gave this a chance. When I heard our voices together in three-part harmony for the first time, I knew we were about to create something that would change all of our lives.”

“We all saw the benefit of bringing three different audiences together from a touring perspective, but none of us were committed to the band until we sat down and actually started making music together,” James told Billboard at the time. “Up to that point, it was just wishful thinking. The first day that we really worked up a few songs to test the waters really sealed the deal for us.”

“The music has come together in a really natural way,” says Wakefield. “Even though we all sing lead on different songs, we’ve been able to create our own Texas Hill sound… just like when you hear Fleetwood Mac, you know it’s Fleetwood Mac. The timbres of our voices together, regardless of what register they’re in, create their own sound.”

1. Four Roses (Craig Wayne Boyd/Casey James/Shannon Lawson/Adam Wakefield)
2. Easy On The Eyes (Craig Wayne Boyd/Casey James/Morgan Myles/Adam Wakefield)
3. Love Me When I’m Leaving (Adam Wakefield)
4. Sugar Cane (Craig Wayne Boyd/Brad Crissler/James Leblanc)
5. Darkest Sky (Ryan Beaver/James Leblanc/Mike Walker)

To learn more about Texas Hill, visit, and follow Texas Hill on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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