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Country Sway Summer Streamathon Event Kicks Off Tonight And Continues Through the Weekend With Over 40 Exclusive Artist Performances

Country Sway Summer Streamathon

Fans all over the world are gearing up for the epic 4-day Country Sway “Summer Sway” Streamathon, featuring over 40 different artist performances from Thursday, August 27 through Sunday, August 30! Rising Pop-Country singer/songwriter Flo will be kicking off the event Wednesday evening at 7:30pm CT with a special “Summer Sway” pre-show. This one of a kind virtual music festival will feature artists such as Paige King Johnson, J.D Shelburne, Shane Owens, Ava Rowland, Tim Atwood, Vonn Kiss, Reyna Roberts, Chapel Hart, along with Essex County, Jamie O’Neal, Kristian Bush, Matt Stell, Celeste Kellogg and many more. The Country Sway Summer Streamathon will benefit Music Health Alliance as the non-profit continues to provide immediate critical assistance to members of the U.S. music community who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Music Health Alliance has been bringing health insurance to the music industry since January 2013. The organization offers access to State and Federal Health Insurance including Medicare and Comprehensive Major Medical Insurance for self-employed individuals and their families who do not have group benefit options or insurance that meets all of their needs. Events like the Country Sway Summer Streamathon put in motion action that creates needed reaction to benefit humanity. This show will certainly be one for the books!

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Country Sway Summer Sway Streamathon Schedule (all times central)

Thursday, August 27, 2020
12:00 PM     Casi Joy
1:00 PM       Southern Halo
2:00 PM       Paige King Johnson
3:00 PM       JD Shelburne
4:00 PM       Levi Riggs
5:00 PM       Jessica Lynn
6:00 PM       Jamie O’Neal
7:00 PM       Brett Kissel
8:00 PM       Brian Callihan
9:00 PM       David Adam Byrnes
10:00 PM     October Rose

Friday, August 28, 2020
12:00 PM     Lauren Davidson
1:00 PM       Matt Stell
2:00 PM       Chris Bandi
3:00 PM       Simon Casey
4:00 PM       Troy Cartwright
5:00 PM       Kristian Bush
6:00 PM       Shane Owens
7:00 PM       Josh Mirenda
8:00 PM       Brandon Alan
9:00 PM       Meg & Tyler
10:00 PM     Daves Highway

Saturday, August 29, 2020
11:00 AM     Ava Rowland
12:00 PM     Diamond Dixie
1:00 PM       Kayleigh Mathews and Chris Linton
2:00 PM       Morgan Myles
3:00 PM       Backroad Static
4:00 PM       Tobi Lee
5:00 PM       Jeremy McComb
6:00 PM       Tim Atwood
7:00 PM       Jess Meuse
8:00 PM       Vonn Kiss
9:00 PM       Reyna Roberts
10:00 PM     Chapel Hart

Sunday, August 30, 2020
12:00 PM     Billy Shaw Jr
1:00 PM       Wild Fire
2:00 PM       Essex County
3:00 PM       Hayden Haddock
4:00 PM       JessLee
5:00 PM       Royal South
6:00 PM       Temecula Road
7:00 PM       Celeste Kellogg
8:00 PM       Cadie Calhoun

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