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Pam Tillis and Claudia Hoyser Star in New Live Country Music Show

Pam Tillis

 FIREDISC® Cookers recently launched an all-new Facebook Live show called Fired Up Live with Claudia Hoyser. The new show provides fans with all of the elements that the FIREDISC® lifestyle has to offer, including a chance to hear exclusive interviews and live music from popular country music stars.

“We are excited to introduce Fired Up Live as a new form of entertainment for the FIREDISC Nation, and to further establish ourselves in the country music world,” said Griff Jaggard, president and co-founder of FIREDISC®. “The new show gives fans a firsthand look at the FIREDISC lifestyle, provides a chance to meet some of our special friends and showcases their musical talents. Most of all, it is an opportunity for fans to kick back and enjoy some fantastic entertainment.”

On Wednesday, August 12, the third episode of Fired Up Live will air at 7 p.m. ET and will feature special guest Pam Tillis. Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Pam is an American country music singer, actress and member of the Grand ole Opry. During the show, Claudia and Pam will perform live music, share great stories and offer several giveaway opportunities.

“Pam is pure inspiration and I’m looking forward to having her on the show with me,” Claudia said. “FIREDISC is all about enjoying time with family and friends…Good food, and great music go hand in hand with that! It’s so cool that we have the opportunity to engage with a world-wide audience to make some memories with FIREDISC Nation! I’m excited for everyone to tune in and join us for some behind the scenes performances and maybe a few ‘never before told’ stories!”

To watch the third episode of Fired Up Live with Claudia Hoyser, tune in to Facebook Live on Wednesday, August 12, at 7 p.m. ET. For more information about the show, visit or follow us on Facebook for future announcements. To watch past episodes, visit our YouTube page or check them out on Facebook.

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