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Luke Bryan’s “Born Here Live Here Die Here” Album Out TODAY!

Luke Bryan

Four-time Entertainer of the Year Luke Bryan kicked off his album release day for BORN HERE LIVE HERE DIE HERE with a performance on the 2020 Summer Citi Music Series on TODAY this morning and premiering a new music video for the album’s title track. Get the album HERE.

The “Born Here Live Here Die Here” video is a four-minute film with an inside look at Luke’s life and how his hometown and family have shaped the man he is today. From sites of Leesburg, Georgia to some of his most memorable career moments, the mini-movie gives viewers a juxtaposition glimpse that while playing stadiums, winning awards and meeting and performing for his fans, it’s bringing his family alongside him for each step of the journey that has kept him rooted in small-town integrity. Watch the video HERE.

“I want my albums to reflect all forms of life,” shared Luke about the new album. “No matter what’s going on in the world, I want to treat my albums with bringing everybody to the party. I try to share who I am and make music my fans can relate to, but still push some envelopes. I want it to be a look into my world, take ‘em somewhere. Let ‘em have some fun. No matter who you are as a human being, I’m visualizing how you’ll react when you hear this music.” 

“The song ‘Born Here, Live Here, Die Here’ paints such a beautiful picture of rural life and a rural mindset. Every line tells of that small-town life and not needing to go look anywhere else, they’re happy, they’re content, they have everything they want right there. There’s something really, really special about those types of people. For many years I was that guy that was gonna be born there, live there, and never leave. But somehow I left and became a country music singer… but I still love to sing about those topics.”

Fans can check out Luke’s new album and hear him talk about exclusive BORN HERE LIVE HERE DIE HERE merch representing every state, only available to purchase via his Amazon Music store. 

Next week, Luke fans can tune-in Monday night as he performs on Late Night with Seth Meyers and watch additional appearances on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen (Aug. 11), The Kelly Clarkson Show (Aug. 12), Opry Live (Aug 15) and Circle Sessions: Luke Bryan (Aug 19).

Luke’s seventh studio album, BORN HERE LIVE HERE DIE HERE, already includes three back-to-back #1 singles, “Knockin’ Boots,” “What She Wants Tonight” and current single “One Margarita,” which also became the 25th #1 single of his career. “One Margarita” currently has 103 million global streams. 

Listen to Clips of ALL Luke’s 25 #1 hits in chronological order since 2009’s “Do I” which became his first chart topping hit.

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