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That Sounds Fun Podcast Adds The Matthew West Podcast

Matthew West
Popular author and podcaster Annie F. Downs’ newly launched That Sounds Fun Podcast Network is continuing it’s rapid growth, adding yet another podcast to its roster this week, The Matthew West Podcast, hosted by five-time Grammy Award-winning artist Matthew West

Launched yesterday with its first 3 episodes, with West simultaneously appearing on Downs’ own That Sounds Fun podcast, this marks the first time a show on the network has released multiple episodes available on release date.When asked about this new podcast, Annie said, “Matthew is such a natural storyteller- you hear it over and over again in his songs. But this new podcast takes his storytelling and hosting to a brand new level that fans of his work are going to love and fans of podcasts are going to connect with immediately. We are so honored and thrilled to get to be a part of this new show and work with such a top echelon host.”

With new episodes each Wednesday, The Matthew West Podcast will feature stories from the Story House with Matthew and his friends. He will also bring his dad in at the end of each episode for “Dadvice”.When asked why he felt now was the right time to start a podcast, West replied, “I’ve been planning this for a long time. My journey as a songwriter and artist has allowed me to experience the stories of people’s lives in a really special way. Whether communicating on stage, writing songs, or writing books, everything I do really centers around the power of story and helping people recognize the great plans God has to use their story in a unique way. So, that’s the ‘why’ of this new podcast.” 

Joining Matthew will be some of his favorite artists, authors, athletes, and influencers such as Mark Hall from Casting Crowns, best selling author Max Lucado, Sadie Robertson Huff and Korie Robertson, NBA star Cody Zeller, best- selling author and speaker Jon Gordon, and many more. In addition, listeners will be taken behind- the-scenes in each episode to experience some of the powerful stories behind his music. 

With over 31 million downloads of her own “That Sounds Fun” podcast since 2014, Downs’ Network is living up to its promise to feature “fun” friends, talent and original programming. Since its launch in May, the network has now added 7 shows also including:
DADVILLE hosted by Dave Barnes and Jon McLaughlin -debuted at No.1 among Apple’s Kids and Family Podcasts. For more info on “Dadville,” click here. BE THE BRIDGE hosted New York Times best-selling author Latasha Morrison.  For more information on “Be The Bridge,” click here.
THE NEXT RIGHT THING hosted by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Emily P. Freeman. For more information on “The Next Right Thing,” click here. ANNIE AND EDDIE KEEP TALKING hosted by best-selling Annie F. Downs and Eddie Kaufholz. For more information on “Annie and Eddie Keep Talking”, click here.

STORIES FROM 100 DAYS TO BRAVE Real readers telling their brave stories after finishing the Best Selling book 100 Days to Brave. For more information on “Stories from 100 Days to Brave,” click here.
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