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Russell Dickerson Drops New Summer Track, “Home Sweet”

Russell Dickerson

Today, Triple Tigers’ multi-platinum recording artist, Russell Dickerson released “Home Sweet,” the second song off his to-be-announced sophomore album. The track, available everywhere now, features Dickerson’s signature masterful songwriting with an evolved sound. As art imitates life, the mid-tempo Summer tune takes an intimate historical walk down his last several years of marriage, and for the first time, recounts the private first moment he found out his wife was pregnant. 

“This song is as real as it gets,” says Dickerson. “The week Kailey and I got home from our honeymoon, my income stopped. I was in between deals and we were flat broke! Now we just moved into our new house and have a baby on the way so yeah, ‘Home Sweet’ is about as spot-on real-life as it gets.”

The singer-songwriter croons of reality after his honeymoon six years ago, “Went from all-inclusive margaritas in Malibu, to prayin’ we could pay rent this month… Home sweet, you and me. Ain’t got much but we got all we need.”

Cut to present day, three back-to-back no. 1 radio singles, a custom-built dream home, and the latest answered prayer in the Dickerson household: “Nothin’ like home sweet, you and me. A quarter-acre and two-bed farm house… Starin’ at them two pink lines. Yea, just you and me, looks like we gotta make a little more room in our home, sweet.”

Dickerson’s “Home Sweet” lyric video was filmed in the sprawling backyard of his home in Nashville.

Listen to Russell Dickerson’s “Home Sweet” here:

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