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Cassadee Pope Releases First Two Tracks From Stripped-Down Acoustic Album, Rise and Shine

Cassadee Pope

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, Cassadee Pope, has released the first two tracks; “Let Me Go” and “Built This House,” from her upcoming acoustic album, Rise and Shine. Both tracks are available now on all digital streaming platforms. 

LISTEN:   “Let Me Go” & “Build This House”

Rise and Shine, releasing on August 7th, is considered to be one of Pope’s most personal to date. The eight-song collection marks the first time she has had a hand in writing all of the songs and marks the first time she has served as co-producer, as well. Rise and Shine showcases her evolution both personally and as an artist. 

Pre-Order/Pre-Save:   Rise and Shine

Pope premiered the lyric video for lead track, “Let Me Go,” on Thursday, June 25th exclusively with Rolling Stone Country. The intimate video beautifully showcases the seemingly haunting and emotional anguish of trying to move forward in life while being anchored to forces both physical and emotional that ultimately hinders personal growth. 

“I wanted this lyric video to capture the true feeling of this song: longing for freedom,” says Pope. “We decided to shoot it behind the staircase wires to give it that sense of entrapment which the lyrics talk about. It’s a very emotional song for me because it reminds me of a time in my life where I felt like I wasn’t accepted for who I am. I have a few songs on the album that are more reflective of where I’ve been rather than where I am in my life today, and this is definitely one of them.”

WATCH:    “Let Me Go” Lyric Video

Fans were also treated to a live Virtual Release Party via Looped following the premiere of the lyric video for “Let Me Go.” This virtual premiere event featured special performances by Pope and a Q&A session with ABC’s Stephen Hubbard. Following the interview, Pope hosted a Virtual Meet and Greet with fans. These virtual events will continue throughout the acoustic album’s release with the next one slated for July 16th and a final virtual session on August 6th

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