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MaRynn Taylor Releases “Dads and Daughters”

MaRynn Taylor

Black River Entertainment’s emerging singer-songwriter MaRynn Taylor’s debut song “Dads and Daughters” is digitally available now to stream and download on all platforms. Just in time for Father’s Day, “the heart-tugging song kicks off with the girl’s birth while exploring a key relationship between generations in a nuclear family,” as published in Billboard Magazine.

In a year’s time since meeting MaRynn as a part of BRE’s “60-Second Spotlight” at 2019’s CMA Fest, Black River Entertainment’s CEO and President Gordon Kerr is especially excited to release this first piece of music from MaRynn. 

“It is incredible to think that we met MaRynn Taylor a year ago this week. From the timid guitar-playing songwriter, sitting on the edge of the 60-Second Spotlight stage to the confident new artist standing here now, MaRynn is ready to begin her artist journey. With this incredible song about the relationship between a dad and daughter, MaRynn not only gives us a soundtrack for Father’s Day but every father/daughter moment yet to become a memory. This is truly only the beginning for MaRynn Taylor!“

Written by MaRynn Taylor, Jason Earley, and produced by Forest Glen Whitehead, the song is an ode to her father, who lends his background vocals to the track.

‘”Dads and Daughters” is so special to me because it’s inspired by the bond I have with my dad,” shares MaRynn. “I admire him and look up to him for many reasons; he’s the best influence, personally and professionally. One of the things we share is a love of music. He taught me how to write and play guitar, and he bought me my first album. He’s always been in my corner, cheering me on and encouraging me. But, I love him for the person that he is overall, and I thought the best way to express how I feel is through the gift of music. I hope it’s a message that resonates with other dads and daughters.”  

Accompanying the release of the song is a nostalgic music video created from home videos and photographs from MaRynn’s childhood. As a fun way to introduce “Dads and Daughters,” MaRynn is hosting a digital “scavenger hunt” by asking viewers to find specific items within the music video. Each week, MaRynn will announce one random winner via her social media to receive a hand-painted waterscape with written lyrics, created by MaRynn. The digital “scavenger hunt” begins today (6/5) and will run through Father’s Day (6/21) ending on (6/26).

For more information, please visit and follow her on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and YouTube.

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