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Adam Sanders Releases “Make Em Wanna Change”

Adam Sanders

No. 1 singer-songwriter Adam Sanders‘ new single, “Make Em Wanna Change,” is available now across all music platforms. Taste of Country exclusively premiered a first listen to the “mid-tempo, retro-cool song (Sterling Whitaker).” To stream or download “Make Em Wanna Change,” click HERE.

“This song came from a real place for me, and I can say I’ve lived every word of it. Most people might take the lyric as a current relationship, but for me, this song was inspired by a past relationship that challenged me to work to be the best version of myself even though the relationship didn’t work out in the end,” Sanders shared with Taste of Country

American Songwriter compared Sanders’ sound to country icon Garth Brooks, writing, “Raised during the heyday of 90’s country, that is more than evident in his sound. Real. Authentic. Like a guy who grew up IN real country music and not just around it. Think about the way Garth sounds when he sings. There’s no act there. That’s no facade. That’s just him. It’s who he is. Sanders fits in much the same way.” 

Written by Sanders, Adam Craig and Dallas Wilson and produced by Jacob Rice, “Make Em Wanna Change” follows “Ruled the World,” which featured his fellow singer-songwriters Hunter Phelps, Ray Fulcher, Cash Campbell, Faren Rachels, Josh Mirenda, Mitch Rossell and Drew Parker. The video, starring Tracy Lawrence, Aaron Tippin, Marty Raybon and Mike McGuire, has received over 1.4 million views. 

The Lake City, Fla. native moved to Nashville in 2009 where he worked construction to pay the bills while developing his chops as a songwriter. Sanders earned his first No. 1 hit in 2015 with Cole Swindell’s “Ain’t Worth The Whiskey” which was quickly followed by another No. 1 with Dustin Lynch’s “Hell of a Night.” After learning how to craft a song that was right in the pocket for country radio, Sanders embarked on his artist career. As an independent artist, he has sold over 70,000 singles, scored over 90 million total streams and charted at No. 33 on Billboard’s Country Albums chart with his self-titled, debut EP.

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