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Mackenzie Porter Exposes Heartbreak in “Seeing Other People”

Mackenzie Porter

 While debut single “These Days” is spinning across U.S. Country radio, Big Loud Records’ MacKenzie Porter is sharing today the official music video for her most recent release, “Seeing Other People.” 

Shot in New York City in February and directed by Justin Clough, the video walks viewers through the all-too-familiar moment of seeing your ex for the first time after a breakup with someone new. The clip follows Porter weaving through the heart of the Big Apple – from the subway to Central Park, to a gorgeous indoor greenhouse – and telling the story of a fictional relationship from the couple’s time together to breaking up to “seeing other people.”

“We chose to shoot it in New York because we loved the idea of setting against the backdrop of a location where there are millions of people and the likelihood of running into an ex is slim — but somehow, it still happens,” Porter shared with PEOPLE, who premiered the clip exclusively yesterday. “Of course you are going to see them out and around in a small town, but the chances in a big city are so small that it almost hurts worse; like it was meant to be rubbed in your face.” She adds, “Seeing your person out with someone else is heartbreaking no matter what the circumstances are. But I’ve gotten through it, and so many of my fans have too, and I really just wanted to portray that in this video. I hope you love it!”

Later this year, Porter will release more new music produced by ACM Producer of the Year nominee Joey Moi.


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