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Chris Lane Throws it Back to His Big, Big Plans Tour with “Take Back Home Girl” Live Video

Chris Lane

Sharing another look at his successful headline BIG, BIG PLANS TOUR, Chris Lane has released the “Take Back Home Girl” live video, out today. The clip captures the energy of the SOLD-OUT Chicago crowd, and Lane amps up the audience even further by inviting special guest MacKenzie Porter to stand in for Tori Kelly on the hit collaboration. 

“‘Take Back Home Girl’ has been such a huge song for my career, and I’m reminded of that every night that I get to sing it on stage,” Lane tells Taste of Country. “The Big, Big Plans Tour was a lot of fun and I enjoyed having MacKenzie Porter jump in for Tori Kelly’s part of the collab every night. It’s fun to see the crowd react so well to that song, and I’m thankful that it impacted the fans the same way that it did me.”

Lane’s first-ever PLATINUM-certified single, “Take Back Home Girl” soared to the top tier of the Country radio charts and has garnered 422 MILLION total streams. The track’s official music video stars Lane and Kelly, and has amassed more than 52 MILLION views. 
The “Take Back Home Girl” live video follows the recent release of “I Don’t Know About You” and current single “Big, Big Plans” – all three videos giving a first-hand look at Lane’s high-energy headline run that SOLD OUT 25 shows. As “Big, Big Plans” climbs the Country radio charts and scores 119 MILLION global streams, Lane’s propulsive, hearts-on-fire collaboration with LA-based artist/producer Gryffin, ”Hold You Tonight,”  is out now. 



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