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Caitlyn Smith Releases Amazon Original Cover of Coldplay’s “Fix You”

Caitlyn Smith

Caitlyn Smith has released an Amazon Original cover of Coldplay’s “Fix You,” available now to stream and purchase only on Amazon Music. Smith recorded the song remotely during quarantine in Nashville with Los Angeles-based producer Leggy Landon (Meg Myers).

Listen to Caitlyn Smith’s “Fix You” only on Amazon Music: 

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“I’m so excited for the opportunity to partner with Amazon Music and release my very own Amazon Original cover,” says Smith. “In this crazy season, I’ve been finding that I’m gravitating to music that reminds me of happier times. Nostalgia is a daily feeling. I chose to cover ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay because it’s one of my favorite songs ever written. Such a heartbreaking melody, such a beautiful sentiment – and man, what I would give to fix the world right now.”

Caitlyn Smith has firmly established herself as one of the brightest rising stars in Nashville. After penning hit songs for everyone from Dolly Parton to Garth Brooks to Meghan Trainor, she stepped into the spotlight with her celebrated 2018 debut, Starfire, followed by this year’s bigger, bolder sophomore effort, Supernova. Smith’s finely etched writing and soulful voice have earned her numerous television appearances, festival bookings and high profile touring slots. She has received high praise from press including Esquire, NPR’s All Songs Considered, Billboard, People, SPIN and The New York Times, who described her voice as “glimmers of both the girl-next-door naturalism of Sheryl Crow and the wayward attack of Sia.” 

Amazon Music listeners can find Caitlyn Smith’s “Fix You” on the “Brushland” playlist, the global stage for today’s Americana fan. Customers can also simply ask, “Alexa play the Amazon Original by Caitlyn Smith” in the Amazon app for iOS and Android and on Alexa-enabled devices. In addition to Caitlyn Smith, Amazon Music listeners can access hundreds of Amazon Originals featuring both emerging and established artists across numerous genres, available to stream and purchase only on Amazon Music.

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