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Fox Nation Announces Season Two of The Pursuit! with John Rich

John Rich

FNC’s on-demand streaming platform, FOX Nation will release season two of the hit series The Pursuit! With John Richon Monday, May 18th. Hosted by country music star and half of the duo Big & Rich’s John Rich, the new season will be comprised of five episodes spotlighting signature musical guests and personal friends of Rich who delve into their journey to achieving the American dream. Rich will conduct in-depth interviews from his home in Nashville with a wide range of personalities including Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec, WWE wrestler Jeff Jarrett, award-winning actor Michael Cudlitz, rapper Cowboy Troy and country singers Larry Gatlin and T. G. Sheppard. 

**Episodic descriptions are below.

Episode 1: Robert Herjavec
From narrowly escaping communism as a child to growing a business worth hundreds of millions, Shark Tank investor Robert Herjavec will share his story of perseverance and determination to pursue the American dream. 
Episode 2: Jeff Jarrett
Set in his home in Nashville, John will sit down with American professional wrestling star Jeff Jarrett who journeys through his disappointments, struggles, and successes to detail the competitive and tough world of wrestling. 
Episode 3: Michael Cudlitz
From playing ‘Sgt. Bull Randleman’ in the WWII miniseries, Band of Brothers, to portraying the zombie-killing ‘Abraham Ford’ on The Walking Dead, actor Michael Cudlitz will discuss his childhood and how he defied all odds in becoming a Hollywood actor.
Episode 4: Cowboy Troy
During the episode, Rich will be joined by Cowboy Troy, a fellow musician who details his hardships and challenges, including racism, that he has encountered during his lifetime.
Episode 5: Larry Gatlin and T. G. Sheppard
Iconic country singers Larry Gatlin and T. G. Sheppard will dive into their biggest achievements and share their unique stories of heartache, redemption, and perseverance.

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