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Collin Raye Announces First Public Concert Since COVID-19 Outbreak

Collin Raye

Country music hitmaker Collin Raye has announced his return to the road. Raye is set to headline a free live concert, headed up by the Utah Business Revival, in KaysvilleUtah at Barnes Park on May 302020. The event marks Raye’s first public performance since COVID-19 ushered in national “safer-at-home” orders, forcing him off the road. It’s one of, if not the first, live concerts being held in the United States since the pandemic halted touring earlier this year. The outdoor event will also feature booths for local nonessential businesses to give company owners an opportunity to interact with the public to sell their goods and services. 

“Hopefully, this concert will inspire similar events in other states around the country as we try to unify and start pushing back against the effects of this pandemic,” explains Raye. “We will be utilizing the recommended sensible safety precautions, and I’m confident it will be a huge success for small businesses, and hopefully, the country at large.”

Attendees are asked to stay at least seven feet apart. Protective masks are recommended.

Kaysville mayor Katie Witt recently re-opened the city and is thrilled to bring the event to her local community. 

“Come support our local businesses, listen to country music, and be a pioneer and a patriot with us!” says Witt. “If we can all stand in line waiting for toilet paper, we can certainly all shop safely in an open air market and enjoy a country music legend, Collin Raye,” notes Utah Business Revival event organizer Eric Moutsos.

Barnes Park is located at 950 W 200 N in Kaysville. The event begins at 6 p.m. / MT and is free and open to the public.

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