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Kristian Bush Re-Issues Debut Solo Album ‘Southern Gravity’ With 7 New Songs

Kristian Bush

For the last few decades, audiences have been amazed by the different facets of music veteran Kristian Bush. He kicked things off in the folk duo Billy Pilgrim with Andrew Hyra, then took the country music scene by storm as half of the multi-platinum selling country duo Sugarland with Jennifer Nettles and most recently joined the rock trio Dark Water along with brother Brandon Bush and Benji Shanks. Five years ago this month, Kristian also debuted music as a solo artist with his critically-acclaimed album Southern Gravity featuring the hit single “Trailer Hitch.”

On Friday, Kristian shared a special edition re-issue, Southern Gravity (The Complete Collection), packed with seven brand new tracks that showcase his signature style seamlessly blending elements of classic rock, southern country and a touch of soul, delivered with masterful musicianship and songwriting. The new tracks sing of American pride and family ties, mixed with melodies of love and loss.

Kristian shares, “this album was a great leap forward for me in many ways. Audiences and listeners who might not have been exposed to my work in Billy Pilgrim were not familiar with my voice until this album. To make the album I first had to discover what I wanted to say if I was going to open my mouth and sing, so I wrote over 300 songs to find the answer. I discovered that not only did audiences and fans find their way to embracing my sound and my message, but that radio stations around the country lofted me to the top 20 on my first try. To say it felt validating is an understatement. Now I am pleased to release the album 5 years later with the complete track listing. These songs are such a big part of the collection, in the way I use my voice, in the messages that they send, and in the way they complete the picture I was feverishly drawing and falling into while making this album. I am excited that these are being released and forever grateful for this album beginning a conversation from me to you. I will release more solo albums because of this one. I hope you enjoy.”

As a two-time Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter, producer, playwright, symphony composer and more, Kristian has entertained audiences worldwide, even speaking with TEDx and developing his own podcast. With Southern Gravity (The Complete Collection) Kristian gives fans just what they want… more great music. It’s the perfect combination for long-time fans and collectors alike; here just in time for the summer season.

For more information on Kristian Bush, visit his website and be sure to connect with him on social media for new updates.

Southern Gravity (The Complete Collection)
1.     Make Another Memory
2.     Light Me Up
3.     Trailer Hitch
4.     Southern Gravity
5.     Flip Flops
6.     Giving It Up
7.     Feeling Fine California
8.     Waiting On An Angel
9.     Walk Tall
10.  Sending You A Sunset
11.  Sweet Love
12.  House On A Beach
13.  American Window *
14.  So Smooth *
15.  Burning Flowers *
16.  My Heart *
17.  Falling Remix *
18.  Fire And Ice *
19.  American Dreamers *

New tracks

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