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Hot Country Knights + Terri Clark “You Make It Hard”

Hot Country Knights

A week before the Hot Country Knights release one of the most musically satisfying debut albums since 1999, THE K IS SILENT out May 1st, the ’90s infused band has released “You Make It Hard” feat. Terri Clark. Produced and written by multi-Platinum entertainer Dierks Bentley alongside co-writers Jim Beavers, Mary Hilliard Harrington, Jon Randall and Luke Wooten, the passionate duet has soft-focus sonics and a vocal blend dripping in desire that erupts with passion like a waterbed in the night. THE K IS SILENT is now available for pre-order here at all digital retailers here as fans will instantly receive “You Make It Hard” and five additional tracks.

Rolling Stone exclusively shares the music video behind “You Make It Hard” here, while Variety had the pleasure of exclusively speaking to Douglason and Clark about the intimate connection created in the song which fans can read here.

“The music-meets-comedy project” (Rolling Stone) continues to “provide much needed comedic relief” (Billboard) ahead of THE K IS SILENT release as fans and critics alike grasp on to its bounding rhythms and bright, organic euphoria of live Country music. 

“Just like those essential ingredients to Country music, humor has mostly been lost in modern country. Along with actually sounding Country, Hot Country Knights is also helping to return this important element to Country too.” – Saving Country Music

Famous for never giving up on the dream of the ‘90s, the Hot Country Knights “wear their inspirations on their sleeves pretty proudly” (The Chive). Comprised of band leader Douglas (“Doug”) Douglason, lead bass player Trevor Travis, lead guitarist Marty Ray (“Rayro”) Roburn, keytar/fiddle player Terotej (“Terry”) Dvoraczekynski, steel guitarist Barry Van Ricky and percussionist Monte Montgomery. For more information on new music, visit www.hotcountryknights.com.

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