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Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen Get “Rhinestoned”

Randy Rogers and Wade Bown

Country mainstays RANDY ROGERS and WADE BOWEN reflect on the songs that built them in their brand-new track, “Rhinestoned” – available now on all streaming platforms and digital retailers.

Written by Lori McKenna, Ryan Beaver and Ashley Ray, the tune serves as a clever ode to old-school Country music, as it details the storytelling and musicianship that make the genre so special – paying homage to Country legends like Hank Williams Sr. and George Jones along the way.

“‘Rhinestoned’ is pure country badass-ness,” says Bowen. “From the moment I heard it, I wanted to cut it… I had to cut it. One of the many reasons why Randy and I love doing these albums together is because we get to create classic-sounding Country. This song is a perfect example of that. It sounds like it could have been one of the old staples you grew up listening to – it’s also my favorite track on the entire album.”

“’Rhinestoned’ makes me wanna put on my boots and hat and find someone to dance with – it’s solid country gold,” says Rogers. “It really does take me back to 21 years old, drinking for the first time in some honky tonk… I lived this song.”

Rhinestoned” is the latest taste of what’s to come from Rogers and Bowen’s upcoming album, HOLD MY BEER, VOL. 2, echoing the classic Country sound that fans experienced with their previous releases – “Rodeo Clown” and “Hold My Beer” – all of which are immediately available upon pre-order of the album. 

But the fun doesn’t stop there – wanting to share even more new music with fans in the weeks leading up to their album release, Rogers and Bowen have lined up a weekly video series dubbed “Watch This Wednesdays,” which features the pair, as they preview never-before-heard songs from HOLD MY BEER, VOL. 2 in a live, acoustic setting. New installments go up every Wednesday across the Hold My Beer social platforms. 

Rogers and Bowen have more surprises on tap in the coming weeks, so be sure to keep up with the latest news on the pair’s Hold My Beer movement at

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